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Walking with horses in Kvepene forest

A walk in the Kvepene forest, together with two friendly young Gipsy Vanner horses and a snow dog, will make walkers connect with nature and animals.Open object

Cēsis inside – hikes, excursions, nature expeditions

Take a look at the world from a different perspective! Discover Cēsis and its surroundings together with a nature guide. Learn what distinguishes Cēsis from other towns in Latvia!Open object

Cinema in concerthall "Cēsis"

In the premises of the concert hall “Cēsis”, cinema operates on a daily basis, where the latest feature films, animated movies and documentary films are shown. Open object

Cycling route "Vaive landscapes"

The route includes rural landscapes, oak alleys, it goes near Veismaņi manor complex and great Krīvi pine and stops by ancient nation Liv (lībieši) family monument. Open object


Exciting outdoor laser tag game for 6 to 12 people. It is possible to rent an all-season tent and picnic area, celebrate birthdays and organize small parties.Open object

Map of cycling routes of Cēsis and surroundings

Get to know Cēsis by cycling through the town and surroundings – exploring Old Town of Cēsis or nature objects - Cīrulīši Nature Trails, Ērgļu (Eagle) Cliffs, Zvārtes Rock, Sarkanās (Red) Cliffs and spring Rūcamavots, as well as cycling through the Gauja valley.Open object

Outdoor fitness equipment

Let’s do exercises in the fresh air! In Cēsis, Berzaines Street 5, it is possible to use outdoor fitness equipment at any time of the day and every day of the week. Open object

Riding Club “Hobby Ride”

The riding club “Hobby Ride” is located only 12 km from Cēsis. It provides relaxation possibilities for persons of all ages – to everyone who enjoys beautiful nature and horses. Open object

River Gauja: Water Tourism Map

The Gauja is the most popular paddling river in Latvia, what takes a capricious circle through Vidzeme, collecting 440 winding kilometres in total, while the distance in the air line between the outlet and estuary shows only 90 km.Open object

SPA complex "Vannas"

The presence of nature, water and peace in Annas gives you a great opportunity to find pleasure for your body and soul. Open object

Cycling route "Cēsis – Valmiera"

The route runs alongside the primeval valley of the River Gauja linking two historic centres — Cēsis and Valmiera.forest roads and paths offering excellent places to watch wildlife in Gauja National Park, but hiking there is quite strenuous.Open object


The music club “Fonoklubs” was founded in 2007. It regularly offers both live music concerts and other cultural events. The performances of the best-known Latvian groups and internationally renowned artists.Open object

Lifestyle and wellness tourism agency “POWER JOURNEY”

"Power Journey offers an exciting adventure trip in the Latvian nature, providing rejuvenation, adventure, and exploration. This journey encompasses active outdoor recreation, learning healthy lifestyle principles, and the opportunity to visit the most beautiful and interesting places in Latvian nature, including cultural and historical sites as well as artisan workshops.Open object

Paddle board rental "SUPo Cēsis"

''SUPo CĒSIS'' offering paddle board rental for client's chosen water reservoir: Gauja, Ungurs lake, Āraiši lake, etc. The boards are inflatable, compact and easy to carry, allowing to use them in all water reservoirs in the area of Cēsis. After request "SUPo Cēsis" ensures delivery to a customer-selected locationOpen object

Priekuļi Saule (Sun) Park with a Sundial and a Health Trail

Visitors of the park may acquaint themselves with a variety of cultivated plants on its territory. It is an educational environment for adults and children alike. Open object

River Amata: Water Tourism Map

The Amata River is one of the fastest and most beautiful Latvian rivers. Amata valley with dolomite and sandstone outcrops, steep terraces overgrown with forests, and winding river what is full of rapids enjoys both - paddlers and walkers.Open object

“Shooter” laserpark

Enjoy lasertag game in Jāņmuiža, what is fun way to connect with your shoolmates, co-workers or family.Open object

Adventure Park "Supervāvere"

“Supervāvere” is a park with three obstacle courses in three different levels. It is located in Ozolkalns - in the trees with a wonderful view to the Gauja valley.Open object

Chldren's awareness walk

Children's Awareness walk in Kvepene forest, together with two horses and a snow dog. Open object

Liepa Sundial and Health Trail

The sundial has become one of the symbols of Priekuļi municipality, its depiction can even be found in the municipality's coat of arms.Health trail is rich in nature motifs.Open object

River Brasla: Water Tourism Map

Classical section of the Brasla River begins at Plācis. 3 km up to Straupe it winds through coastal landscape typical for Latvian rivers, with a thick deciduous forest, where time by time some house roof can be seen. Open object

Active recreation park "Karjers"

The "Karjers", in the clear water, is offering to enjoy riding with wakeboard or water skis behind the linear WakeStation system that speaks for itself.For those who prefer something quieter, there are also offered rides with SUP boards, which are both great relaxation and sporty relaxation.Open object

Route: River Gauja. From Valmiera to Līgatne

The main tourist magnets are the beautiful river banks rich in sandstone outcrops, easy accessibility of the river, dense network of accommodation sites for water tourists, the nature of the river (suitable for various paddlers), long water tourism traditions, and the status of a national park.Open object

Jeeps in the Jungle

Hikes with radio-controlled off-road jeeps (1:10 scale car models) for families with children (from 10 years old). Possible hiking routes: around Lake Ninier, Cīrulīši nature trails, Zvārte rock.Open object

Kvēpene Nature Trails

If you’re looking to escape the hustle of the city and enjoy the tranquility of the countryside our proposed routes are perfect for you. The hike consists of two segments: a small loop (11 km) for a leisurely stroll through the forest, and a large loop (21 km) for those seeking a bit more adventure. Both routes are circular.Open object

Route: Primeval valley of the River Brasla

Although the river is classified as “small”, this section of the river does not have the typical obstacles the small rivers have — trees fallen over the river, stacks of trees and branches in the river, and traces of beavers.Open object

Sunrise Horses

Sunrise horses are a small collective of family and horse lovers, who offerrs trail rides with horses and carrage rides for boths – children and adults.Open object

Baltic hiking route "Forest trail"

Forest Trail Takes you out of the hustle and bustle of the city to a place where there is peace. A place where you can be alone with yourself, inhale the refreshing air of pine forest, relax in the sun-heated moss and think of nothing. Forest Trail has no holidays - it is always waiting for its hikers.Open object

Bike rental Hotel Katrina

Bike rental is located in the centre of Cēsis, at hotel Katrina. Available different types of bicycles, as well as, offers child seats.Open object

Cycling route Tour de LatEst

The cycling route “Tour de LatEst” goes through two countries – Latvia and Estonia. The total length of the route is 1075 km. About a half of the road surface is asphalt and the other half – gravel.Open object

Disc golf course of the Vidzeme Technical School of Technology and Design in Priekuļi

You are welcome to visit the Disc golf course of the Vidzeme Technology and Design Technical School in Priekuļi  to get to know the 18-basket disc golf course!Open object

Bike rental "Eži"

The rental point is located on one of the longest streets in the city, which leads from Rauna gate through Cēsis Old Town - Rīgas Street. Bikes there can not only be rented but also repaired, one can purchase necessary parts, bicycle accessories, or even a new bike.Open object

Boat rent "Makars"

Canoe and kayak rent. Rubber rafts and wooden raft.Open object

Boat rental "Žagarkalns"

The boating station – camping site “Žagarkalns” offers to rent canoes, kayaks, rubber boats, river catamarans, rafts and SUP boards for route along the Gauja, Brasla and other Latvian rivers.Open object

Cycling Adventures

The Cycling Adventures team organizes individual cycling adventures in nature!Open object

One Day Around Cēsis

Suitable for very active hikers interested in nature and physical activities. The route introduces with excellent views of the primeval valley of the River Gauja, the history of the valley since the end of the Ice Age, and the values of boreal forests.Open object

Way of St James to Santiago de Compostela "Camino Latvia"

The Saint James Way or Camino de Santiago is one of the main historic pilgrimage routes in Europe.Open object

Boat rent "Pie Pētera"

Gest house “Pie Pētera” offers rent canoe boats BEAVER with equipment (paddles, life jackets for kids and adults, waterproof bags). In offer is several routs in river Gauja. Open object

Boat rental "Cēsu plosti"

"Cēsu plosti" is company «H&B GROUP» branch, that offers rafts, boat and sup rides along the Gauja River, as well as camping and picnic places in Cēsu camping. We have developed different routes from Valmiera to Sigulda. The duration of the trip depends on the chosen route, the wind direction and the speed of the stream.Open object

Cēsis –Ērgļu Cliffs– Jāņmuiža

Suitable for travellers interested not only in the towns, but also in magnificent landscapes and one of the most monolith sandstone cliff walls in the Baltics — the Ērģeļu Cliffs. Destinations are easily linked with public transportation.Open object

Meža kaujas (Forest battle)

Estonian and Latvian Freedom fights related to "fighting" which suggests to work together to feel the team spirit-and it will be fun! Small narration and reading about the important 1919 Cesis battles. Open object

Mushrooms of Gauja National park

There are more than 4000 various mushroom species in Latvia. Mushrooms are extraordinary organisms combining the features of plants and animals. Not for nothing they have their own fungi kingdom. Mushrooms vary very much in terms of colours and shapes, and therefore are interesting to watch.Open object

Boat rental "Jeņču laivas"

Boat rental ''Jeņču laivas'' offers canoe and raft tours along the Gauja river, Brasla river and other rivers in Latvia. Routes for different tastes and interests. We will bring the boats and rafts to the place of the client's choice. Open object

From Līgatne to Cēsis

This is a trip through the most impressive primeval valley of a river in the Baltics with lots of sandstone outcrops on the slopes of ravines of the River Gauja and its tributaries from the Devonian Period.Open object

Resting place “Braslas priedes”

Leisure opportunities on the banks of the river Brasla. A picnic space with an option of staying overnight. For those, who prefer active recreation, it is possible to rent double seated kayaks for trips along the Brasla river, as well as try forest football and forest billiard.Open object


The section between Rāmnieki and Valmiera leads pre-dominantly along remote forest roads and paths offering excellent places to watch wildlife in Gauja National Park, but hiking there is quite strenuous.Open object

Recreation center "Ezerrozes"

The recreation center "Ezerrozes" and the ski slopes "Andrēnkalni" are located on the shores of Lake Kosa, in the picturesque Vidzeme.Open object

Recreation complex "Chill UP"

Recreation complex by the picturesque Alauksta lake, Vecpiebalga. Enjoy nature and peace or be active and enjoy the wide range of water equipment!Open object

Best Landscapes in the Vicinity of Āraiši

Suitable for those interested in nature and culture environment. Appreciated by those running after beautiful sights to catch these by a photo camera. Open object

Boat rental "ALDA LAIVAS"

Boat rental "ALDA LAIVAS" is located in Priekuli district, Liepa village, property called "Kadiki". Company offers to rent boats ALBA, VISTA, DRAGO and ENIGMA, life wests, waterproof bags for belongings.Open object

River Amata. Rocks and Cliffs

For travellers not afraid of large and frequent terrain differences, and also for those wishing to see and enjoy the beautiful banks of primeval valley of the River Amata while heading along remote forest paths.Open object

Ski complex “Žagarkalns"

“Žagarkalns” offers eight tracks of different difficulty connected to each other. They are located on several adjacent slopes. In “Žagarkalns”, you will find not only long and smooth slopes, but also dynamic tracks with steeper sections and sharp turns. Open object

Liepa, Līču–Laņģu cliffs

The route leads along natural, few-known trails up to Līču–Laņģu Cliffs located in the middle of the forest, and introducing to Lode Clay-pit. The route shall be taken together with a guide.Open object

Ski Resort "Ozolkalns"

"Ozolkalns" ski slopes are the longest in Latvia. 3 of them reaches 500 meters. There are four permanent tracks, boarder cross, and free ride; last two are set up by appropriate weather conditions. Open object

Zvārtes rock hike

Embark on a journey from the Veclauču Bridge to Zvārtes Rock, winding along the picturesque Amata River. This trail provides an opportunity to explore and appreciate one of Latvia’s most beautiful natural areas.Open object

Ski and biathlon center Cēsis

"Ski and biathlon center in Cēsis" is a high quality illuminated skiing track. 2.5 km various configurations and terrain track is located in beautiful coniferous forest. Open object

Cesis Tourism Information Center

Address: Baznīcas laukums 1, Cēsis

Latvija, LV-4101

Tel. +371 28318318

Working hours:

Tuesday - Saturday 10.00-17.00

Monday, Sunday CLOSED