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Liepa Sundial and Health Trail

At the centre of Liepa village, near the unique sandstone formation Large Ellīte, a sundial made to suit the surroundings and the name of Liepa village tells the right time and a health trail invites to kick off one's shoes and take a walk on it.

The sundial has become one of the symbols of Priekuļi municipality, its depiction can even be found in the municipality's coat of arms. Liepa sundial is one of the three sundials located in the municipality and is made of a large boulder with a metallic dial in the shape of a linden leaf. Rays of the sun pass through the metallic leaf and show the exact time on the metallic base.

Health trail is rich in nature motifs. It was made upon consultations with the herbalist Arturs Teresko (Artūrs Tereško) and is based on the alternative medicine theory that pressure points on feet regulate the functioning of different internal organs of the human body. One must walk barefoot on the trail laid out with stones of different sizes and shapes. The stones massage the pressure points on the feet and improve thus the work of different internal organs.

Photos from Priekuļi TIC archive

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