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Autumn season working hours in Cēsis Tourism information centre and Cēsis castle complex

Starting from 1st of October Cēsis Tourism information centre and Cēsis castle complex (Cēsis Medieval castle, Cēsis History and Art Museum, Exhibition hall) in Castle square 9 change their working hours.

Mystery of Hanseatic gastronomy "Park on Palate" in photos

As a part of Cēsis City celebration, May park turned into mystery of Hanseatic gastronomy “Park on Palate”, where musicians and restaurants from Hanseatic cities together with their chefs brought people to the adventure of taste.

Cēsis Medieval castle hosted the Historic Hanseatic market

Cēsis Medieval castle garden hosted the Historic Hanseatic market that was a part of Cēsis city celebration events. During the market, both – adults and children had the opportunity to step back into the period when Cēsis was a member of the Hanseatic League and to participate in the daily activities of medieval people.

A Visit to the Charming Town of Cēsis

Latvia is not all about the capital. It’s more! More of nature, more of small, charming towns, more of historical highlights! David Johnston from travel blog Travelsewhere visited Cēsis in summer, and now he gives an overview about his experience.

Taste the Gastronomy year in Cēsis!

Cēsis Tourism information centre invites everyone to taste the Gastronomy year in Cēsis! Visit restaurants in Cēsis and surroundings that will bring their guests closer to the Latvian nature by making meals with ingredients from their gardens, from forests, rivers, lakes and fields.

Gauja National Park and Cēsis is being popularized in Germany

With the participation in international exhibition “ITB 2017” in Berlin, Germany, ended tourism fair season where Gauja National park (GNP), including Cēsis, was represented in Latvian national stand.

Gauja National park participates in tourism fairs in Finland and Lithuania

With the participation in two international exhibitions at once, Gauja National park (GNP) is being popularized in Finland and Lithuania. These are two out of seven exhibitions where GNP will be represented in Latvian national stand, including Cēsis, by highlighting the brand “Enter Gauja” and Rīga-Gauja region title “European Region of Gastronomy” in 2017.

Tourism possibilities in Gauja National park are represented in The Netherlands

With the participation in the international tourism fair “Vakantiebeurs” in Utrecht in the Netherlands started the season of tourism exhibitions of 2017. Gauja National park (GNP), including city Cēsis, will be a part of the national booth in seven tourism exhibitions in spring season, highlighting the brand “Enter Gauja” and European gastronomy region of Riga-Gauja in 2017.

Official souvenirs of European region of Gastronomy are announced

“Live Riga” together with municipalities of Sigulda, Cēsis and Valmiera, as well as tourism cluster of Gauja National park have proclaimed three winners of the contest “The official souvenir of Rīga-Gauja region – European region of Gastronomy 2017”.

Cēsis castle complex - Senior traveller friendly

Offer of “Silver Suitcase” includes senior (above 55 years of age) friendly places, traveling with discounts and other offers aimed directly to this age group.In Cēsis castle complex by showing „Silver Suitcase” card, its keeper – senior (from any country) and one of its accompanying persons (despite its agecan buy a senior tickets to entrance the castle complex.


Cēsis Tourism information center

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