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Cēsis Restaurant Week “Awake your taste”

During the week from 26th of March till 2nd of April the very first Cēsis Restaurant Week will take place, which will be named “The wake up of the tastes”/“Awake your taste”. Local inhabitants and city guests will be welcome to enjoy sophisticated and delicious food at very friendly prices.

Guests will be able to taste three-course meals. All members of Cēsis Restaurant Week will offer the meal at the same  price – 12.00 EUR and 18.00 EUR. Special menus will be different from the daily dishes and will give a unique taste and enjoyment.  Dishes from the special menus ensures that the possibilities of local product use are inexhaustible, and will offer food that characterizes the spring of Latvia the most – greens, germ, birch juice and spring plants and vegetables. Chief’s prepared dishes will bring the historical taste of the Hanseatic League in nowadays interpreting them in modern solutions.

Six restaurants and cafes from Cēsis and its surrounding are taking part in Cēsis Restaurant Week – restaurant “Dabas Muiža”, restaurant “Jāņoga”, restaurant “Hotel Cēsis”, restaurant “Villa Santa”, kafe “Vinetas un Allas Kārumlāde”, kafe “PRIEDE”.

From 13th of March each Cēsis Restaurants Week participant menu will be available on www.tourism.cesis.lv and social media.

Project “Hanseatic Approach to New Sustainable Alliances” (HANSA). The project is implemented with the support from the European Regional Development Fund Central Baltic Programme 2014 - 2020. The aim of the project is to enhance the values of the historical Hanseatic League. One of the project aims is to create a new tourism offer and creation of new brand “Hansa Culinary” which is based on Hansa League heritage.


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