Senatne mūsdienās


Camping "Žagarkalns"

3 km away from the centre of the city, on the bank of the Gauja River, in the forest welt, tent and trailer camping and a water tourist base with boat, raft, river catamaran and SUP board rental is created. Open object

Cēsis Castle Park Apartment with sunset veranda

Spacious and homey apartment in the historical centre of Cēsis – in a 19th century house facing Castle Park and with a sunset view from the romantic veranda.Open object

"Hotel Cēsis"

The hotel "HOTEL CĒSIS" is located in the centre of this antique town and it fits in the towns historic landscape perfectly, the landscape's main adornments are the ruins of the Livonian Order Castle and St. John's Church.Open object

Apartament "Saules"

The apartment “Saules” is located at the center of Cesis city, near the St. Janis church. It is a Studio Apartment.Open object

Guest house "Rendas"

“Rendas” offers, for small and large celebrations, two guest houses with extensive surrounding area, as well as accommodations for those visiting Cesis. And all of that is available without leaving the city!Open object

Recreation complex "Laimes Ligzda"

The complex fits naturally into the landscape of hills and valleys with natural water reservoirs. A wide area for environmental & sports games and active recreation. The complex has prepared the programs for team-building sports games and recreation events.Open object

Apartament "Mēness"

“Moon apartment” is located at the center of Cesis city, near the St. Janis church. It is a Studio Apartment with fireplace.Open object

Camping "Ozolkalns"

Camping Ozolkalns with seven heated cottages is situated in the Gauja National Park, near river Gauja, surrounded by pine forest, 5 km from the center of Cesis. Open object

Cēsis City Apartment

Self-contained apartment in a historical building in the center of Cesis will be great place for your family adventure.Open object

Hostel "Priekuļi"

Hostel "Priekuļi" is located 92 km from Rīga and 5 km from Cēsis when one drives along the Vidzemes highway in the picturesque district of Vidzeme.Open object

Hotel "Katrīna"

Hotel „Katrina” is located in the heart of the Old Town of Cesis. The building of hotel was built in the beginning of 20th century as a living house. It was reconstructed as a modern and cosy hotel in 2009.Open object

Hotel "Province"

Hotel "Province" is located in the outskirts of the Old Town of Cēsis, and the most important sights of the town can be reached within a few minutes which will be spent by going through one of the most beautiful resting and meeting places of the town – the May park.Open object

Sports and recreation complex "Ungurmalas"

Set next to Auciems, sports and recreation complex “Ungurmalas” offers a private beach area, garden and terrace.Open object

"Vitenberg" Holiday Apartment

Holiday apartments Vitenberg offers nice stay in the city center and the Old Town of Cesis, with a private parking space, all amenities, free WiFi, TV. Accommodation for up to 3 people and are welcomed families with children.Open object

Camping "Apaļkalns"

Camping site “Apaļkalns” tempts to stop for a while, take a short break from your daily rush and care and relax enjoying the beautiful, mysterious mornings and evenings, peace and calm, listening to the birds twitterson on the bank of Lake Raiskums.Open object

Camping "Oškalns"

Camping "Oškalns" is located at the border of Cesis city. It's a picturesque place surrounded by birches on the top of Ozolkalns hill with a beautiful view of river Gauja. It's a breathtaking place where in summer you can enjoy the nature by visiting Cīrulīši nature trails, located just 200m from "Oškalni".Open object

Guest house "Pie Pētera"

The guest house ”Pie Petera” is located at the border of Cesis city, nearby Birzes street, 1.5 km from city center. It is based in a great place, surrounded by well-maintained landscape garden.Open object

Holiday house "Bellas namiņš"

The holiday house “Bellas namiņš” is located in Cēsis, 1.5 km from the Old Town. The guest house has 2 separate rooms and a hall, and it can accommodate 8 persons at a time. It is particularly suitable for the people with reduced mobility.Open object

Holiday house "Zābaciņi"

“Zābaciņi” is suitable for skiers in the winter season (located next to the skiing hills), as well as for enjoyers of nature and rest and relaxation (the Gauja National Park, 1 km to the Gauja River) throughout the year.Open object

Recreation complex "Chill UP"

Recreation complex by the picturesque Alauksta lake, Vecpiebalga. Enjoy nature and peace or be active and enjoy the wide range of water equipment!Open object

Apartament "Cēsu namiņš"

Is located at the centre of the Cesis city, near the St. Janis church, more than 200 years old, renovated house having great location. Open object

Gest house „Ezerrozes”

The recreation center "Ezerrozes" and the ski slopes "Andrēnkalni" are located on the shores of Lake Kosa, in the picturesque Vidzeme high-rise area at the crossroads of Cēsis, Ērgļi and Vecpiebalga.Open object

Guest house "Laba Oma"

The guest house “Laba Oma” is located in the town of Cēsis 1.5 km from the Old Town. Guests are offered the house with 3 bedrooms, 10 beds and 13 additional beds, kitchen, bathroom, sauna and hot tub.Open object

Guest House "Pie Tēva Tuka"

Guest House "Pie Tēva Tuka" situated in Drabeši. "Pie Tēva Tuka" provides accommodation with access to a garden.Open object

Holiday House "Baltais Čiekurs un Čiekurs"

Tree houses resides 4 m and 6 m high in the pines on the lake coast. Peaceful place for nature lovers. Enormous terrace offers a magnificent view of the lake at sunset.Open object

Camping “Gaucis”

Camping - "Gaucis" is located 15 km from Cesis, on the shore of Lake Gaucis. Camping offers a newly built sauna, as well as tubs with massage and led lights.Open object

Cesis Boulevard Apartments

Silent and private stay in the town centre with a view of the Vidzeme Concert Hall Cēsis!Open object

Guest house "Laso"

The guest house “Laso” is a beautiful accommodation and celebration place, surrounded by fresh air and rural tranquillity although it is located only 3 km away from the centre of Cēsis.Open object

Hotel "Atpūta"

Hotel "Atpūta" ir quet and peaceful, where you can relax from daily rush. From hotel you can see beautiful view to Gauja old valley.Open object

Hotel "Villa Santa"

Villa Santa is a harbour full of peace and love just in few minutes’ walk from the Gauja River. Although still in the city, the hotel is in the Gauja ancient valley surrounded by a tranquil pine forest.Open object

Camping "Amatas upe"

Tent places near the river. Around widely fields, forests. Possibility to enjoy true country sauna and spend a night in the smelling hay! Volleyball court, trampoline, hiking along the river. Few bicycles for rent!Open object

Concept hotel Rakši

The hotel is designed for those who want to spend the night in a natural environment and enjoy the sensations offered by nature and animal presence. This is a great opportunity for travellers to enjoy the Moroccan atmosphere in Latvia.Open object

Guest house "Kalniņi"

Guest House Kalniņi is located in a quiet countryside, near of the most beautiful places the Gauja National Park. Guest House Kalniņi offers a three bedrooms cottage (10 beds + 11 extra beds), with kitchen, bathroom and a sauna. It has a seating area with a sofa, a private balcony and terraceOpen object

Hotel "Tigra"

Everyone will appreciate *** star Hotel "Tigra", who respects natural surrounded peace and quiet. Hotel is only 5 minutes drive from city Cēsis. Open object


The OH DEER holiday house offers relaxation, in a quiet forest, just less than 5 km from the center of Cēsis. The accommodation is suitable for a couple or a family of up to 4 people.Open object

Recreation complex "Chill UP"

Recreation complex by the picturesque Alauksta lake, Vecpiebalga. Enjoy nature and peace or be active and enjoy the wide range of water equipment!Open object

Small cottage – Jaunbrenguli – holiday house

A romantic and peaceful rest for couple in a picturesque environment. Cozy wooden log cottage with a terrace and view of the pond. Open object

Guest house "9 Garšas"

Guest house "9 Garšas" is located in Līgatne parish, in a scenic location, near Vildoga river. The guest house is surrounded by the hills of the neighborhood, several ponds and a gardener's made landscape.Open object

Holiday house "Dūjas"

Holiday house "Dūjas" is located in Dukuri, 2 km from the center of Cēsis. Perfect for couples.Open object

Holiday house "Grīviņu pirts"

Located around 100 km from Riga between Cesis and Valmiera in picturesque place between a stream and a pond, with its own waterfall, old windmill walls and sandstone outcrop. Near by is river Gauja (500m), very close located Grīviņu rock, bit further away but still worth the walk Liču- Laņģu Sandstone cliffs and Liepa cliff.Open object

Hotel "Kārļamuiža"

The hotel Kārļamuiža is located in Kārļi, a 15-minute drive from the centre of Cēsis and the ski slopes, in the area of the Gauja National Park. In the ancient mansion building which was built in the middle of the 19th century, in 2007, a three-star hotel was arranged.Open object

Jaunbrenguli Yellow house – holiday house

Located in a picturesque area, this self-catering comfortable house is the best choice for your holiday if you want to enjoy a peaceful and natural environment.Open object

Jonathan Spa Estate

Have you been wishing to find yourself in a magical place? You are welcome to visit Jonathan SPA Estate, the first five-star countryside SPA hotel in Latvia, located in a unique ecovillage called Amatciems.Open object

Kanoe camping "Makars"

Camping are for tents, campers and caravans.Open object

Apartaments "Glūdas Grava"

Night`s lodging „Glūdas Grava” is situated in a quiet and picturesque place. It takes only 5-minute walk to the centre of the town and the historic castle ruin complex of Cēsis town. A fantastic place where tired visitors of Cēsis can have a rest! Open object

Guest house "Vaives dzirnavas"

Water, sandstone outcrops, forest, bird chalets are just a few things that make this place so special. The Vaive River, on its lower reaches, is rich with springs, rock outcrops, sandstone and dolomite caves. Open object

Holiday house “Nature Home”

Nature Home is a wonderful combination of being able to relax & enjoy the nature but not miss out on any of the modern comforts.Open object

Hotel, Camping “Green bear”

Here is offered an American-style breakfast. After the breakfast take a walk to visit the Mini Zoo located on the premises.Open object

Liepas muiža / LINDENHOFF / Guest house

15ha wide area in a beautiful natural landscape and quiet place located historical manor buildings (1672), an ancient park with 7 ponds, a garden, and art objects in nature.Open object

"ANNAS Hotel"

The natural and unspoiled environment of Annas has been inspiration in creating a combination of natural materials and elegant design into a modern hotel. This passion of all good things and close proximity of nature makes this place very unique. Open object

"Zeit Hotel"

Zeit is a place in the historical helmet factory, where you can celebrate holidays, attend concerts, hold seminars, relax after active recreation and simply enjoy the picturesque landscape of Līgatne.Open object

Guest house "Bille"

Bille is a romantic guest house with a special artistic design. The building was built in 1876, renovated in 2006. We are constantly improving the surroundings, premises and service.Open object

Guest house "Vējaines"

Guest House „Vējaines” Located 16 km away from Cesis in the heart of Vidzeme, surrounded by a beautiful circle of trees and clear water there is a fairy tale island, which could be yours for a moment. Open object

Guests and visitors holiday house “Villa VEJROZES”

Surrounded by the nature of Gauja national Park, the urban peace harbour in Ieriķi between Cesis and Sigulda will allow you to feel the love of the atmosphere of the house, welcome visitors, welcome guests, celebrate the most beautiful moments of life, heat in a sauna, vault in a cube and home pond, catch dreams and look at the stars.Open object

Holiday house "Annmarie"

The holiday house Annmarie is located in Kārļi, a 15-minute drive from the centre of Cēsis and the ski slopes, in the area of the Gauja National Park. It is part of the hotel complex of Kārļamuiža, allowing guests to use the hotel services and enjoy the rural peace.Open object

Holiday house "Celmi"

The holiday house “Celmi” is located 7 km from the Vidzeme motorway, opposite to Cēsis, in Rāmuļi. The road to “Celmi” passes through the Vidzeme Highland with beautiful scenery up to the silent and calm recreation place where you will have an opportunity to relax. Open object

Holiday house "Koka māja"

Far away from the crowded cities, yet undiscovered places offer you the peace and serenity of the country. ‘Koka Maja’ means my very own log house. Open object

Light Amber apartment

A cosy, just renovated apartment now is available for rent! It’s a 5 min walk from Cesis Castle on the 5th floor with a view over Cesis city.Open object

Ungurmuiža Manor

In summer, it is possible to stay in Manor House where two guest rooms are or choose one of tree apartments in the “old school”. At the time of events 60 overnight guests (including extra beds) can be accommodated (30 overnight guests in wintertime).Open object

Guest house - Country house "Kalauzu Dzirnavas"

“Kalauzu Dzirnavas” is located in a picturesque place, in the area of the Gauja National Park, right on the bank of the river Vaives, the rapid flow of which allows the visitors of the country house at any time and after the sauna to cool down in the natural basin made by the host.Open object

Tiny house SALNĒNI

Featuring lake views, Salnēni features accommodation with a garden and a patio. This holiday home provides free private parking, room service and free WiFi.Open object

Apartament "Romance of Roses"

„Romance of Roses” is very practical and comfortable apartment, situated very close to the city centre of Cesis, with wonderful views of the old town. Open object

Apartments of guest house “Pūpoli”

Apartments of guest house “Pūpoli” is a three-room flat. Cosy and comfortably arranged both for adults and children.Open object

Guest house "Skangaļu muiža" (Skangaļi Manor)

Driving along the road Cēsis – Liepa – Mārsnēni , 6 km behind Liepas, on the right side of the road you will see the complex of the Skangaļi manor buildings with red tile roofs, paved walkways and the lanterns lit up in the evenings. Open object

Holiday House "Pūces"

The Pūces holiday house with a large fenced area is located on the picturesque steep bank of the Līgatne river, in the cultural and historical village in the town of Līgatne, Cēsi county. Nearby are the Līgatne paper factory and other sights, walking trails, rock and cave outcrops, mountains and valleys.Open object

Holiday house – Dzintari IR

"Dzintari IR" is a place where you can do a lot or do nothing. Take a break from the daily rush and stress. The house is located on the edge of a pond, surrounded by a forest, offering you the opportunity to enjoy family vacations or romantic weekends away from the city.Open object

Hotel "Zaķīši"

Country hotel "Zaķīši" are located in picturesque place in Raiskums parish, 7 km from Cēsis and 89 km from Riga.Open object

Glamping “Dīķīši”

At “Dīķīši” in the Amatas parish you will be welcomed by Samoyad breed dogs and intelligent little donkeys, who will lead you to the marvelous glamping by the pond.Open object

Holiday house "Mazie Oši"

It is a well arranged territory that borders with the lake Inesis. With a private swimming place and interestingly shaped pond for unhurried and romantic boat rides.Open object

Apartment "Līvi"

A well-appointed two-room apartment with balcony 3 km from the center of Cesis. Cosy arranged with everything needed for a nice stay and rest. You can enjoy here quiet and have a nice place to hang out with friends or family.Open object

Holiday house "Ezerklabi"

Holiday house “Ezerklabi” is located 80 km from Riga airport and 18km from the medieval town of Cesis. ‘’Ezerklabi’’ is located in a picturesque area nestled amongst large and small lakes. Open object

Guest house "Namejs"

Relax in a quiet area, warm and cozy rooms. A 2-storey lounge is available. On the 1st floor with a firewood sauna, all amenities, a kitchen with a fridge, household appliances.Open object

Holiday house "Meža namiņš"

‘’Meza Namins’’ is a newly-built wooden house in a sunny meadow near the forest and human made lake. It is a comfortable house with terrace that faces woods and the lake, fully set for vacation for two or family up to 4 people.Open object

Holiday house "Lejas ozoli"

The holiday house "Lejas ozoli" is located between Cēsis and Valmiera, it has a sauna, a place for celebrations and offers lodging.Open object

Holiday house "Vējiņi"

Holiday house “Vējiņi” is located on the bank of the Brasla river, and its comfortable furnishing enables visitors to enjoy recreation everywhere: in the house, in sauna, on outdoor terrace and in sleek surroundings.Open object

Guest house “Spāriņu Kalns”

Guest house "Spāriņu kalns" is located 17 km from Cēsis center, 3 km from Rauna. Guest house offer the chance to relax and celebrate weddings, anniversaries and other important holidays.Open object

Holiday house "Meža Rozes"

At the edge of woods, surrounded by calming presence of the wild nature, after an hour-long drive by car from Riga, a separate vacation home awaits you.Open object

Guest house “Ezernieki”

Guest house "Ezernieki" is a House of Senses, because it is located in a quiet place and surrounded by nature, with a large area, including the adjacent forest.Open object

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