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Cafe "Pagrabiņš"

Cafe "Pagrabiņš" is located in Cesis city center, in the premises of “Hotel Cēsis”. In the cozy atmosphere you can enjoy a large variety of specialties and particularly delicious pizzas.Open object

Cafe "Aroma"

The cafe Aroma has been opened for more than 20 years and it is one of the oldest in Cēsis. Its owner offers breakfast, lunch and dinner. The cafe prepares and serves also tourist group meals.Open object

Go To Sushi Bar

Go To Sushi Bar - place to enjoy sushi and other delicacies. While enjoying a meal, cafe's interior creates a feeling like in a “bamboo forest”, but on the other side of  the room, trough the window, there is beautiful view to the old town of Cēsis. While waiting for food, Go To Sushi bar offers toOpen object

Vinetas un Allas kārumlāde

Riga's street is filled with sweet scents, because it’s the home of a café-pastry shop, where with a cup of coffee or tea you can taste sweet and salted tuckers made by outstanding confectioners, the owners Vineta Žamoidika and Alla Oldermane. Open object

Pizzeria "Studio Pizza"

Pizzeria "Studio Pizza" is the best place in Cesis where to taste pizza and have a great time! There are 29 different pizzas, and several kinds/types of salads and snacks to try out! Open object

Cafe "Local Concept"

Local concept is a design concept store - cafe. It is a place where you can get ideas for your home interior, inspired by the picturesque old town of Cēsis and the works of local artists.Open object

Art space MALA

You can taste simple and vegetarian food prepared using organic products from local farmers.Open object

Cafe "Priede"

One of the Latvian symbols is PINE TREE. The seaside is waiting for the arrivals, cool on hot summer days, in the green and strong wintersOpen object

Cafe "Province"

The cafe “Province” is the place to take shelter from the rainy autumn or hot summer day, to watch the snowflakes dancing in the winter, or the awakening of nature in spring. The team of “Province” throughout the year provide a pleasant atmosphere to visitors while they are enjoying delicious food and drinks.Open object

Gastropub Pietura

A restaurant that offers delicious food. A varied menu is available: salads, pizzas, burgers, pastas, second courses, sweet dishes, drinks and cocktails. Open object

Rehabilitation center "Līgatne"

Great place for celebrations - in the large banquet hall it is possible to organize celebrations for up to 200 people.Open object

Burgers 66 Līgatne

Burgers 66 is Latvian made family restaurant concept which was founded by combining classic and well-known ingredients.Open object

Suses burgers

Suses burgers" is a small family-owned company that creates fantastic burgers from high-quality meat, fresh vegetables and a special combination of sauces grown in Latvia.Open object

Bistro "CATA"

Place where locals meet up!! Visit bistro “CATA” to feel the clack of the queue and taste the home kitchen that is so beloved here in Cēsis! Bistro CATA also offers meals for groups up to 200 people on the place or by taking meal to the place needed – to the castle, meadow or next to the river.Open object

Cafe "Solo"

The cafe “Solo” is a popular place in Cēsis to enjoy a delicious meal in a pleasant atmosphere. There is a wide variety of food and it is possible to provide culinary products for take-away.Open object

Lunch stop “Pietura”

At lunch stop "Pietura" you can enjoy a meal for friendly prices. They deliver delicious meals in Priekuli and Cesis. "Pietura" also caters banquets, seminars, funeral feasts on-site and at your chosen location.Open object

Raiskuma Cafe

"Raiskuma Cafe" is a new and tasteful cafe located near Cēsis in Apaļkalns camping area by the beautiful and picturesque Raiskuma lake.Open object

Café "The Green Bear"

Durring the whole day, with latin fiesta music playing, it is also possible to enjoy a refreshing drink in one of our outside seating areas.Open object

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