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Cēsis Castle Complex

Cēsis Castle complex includes Medieval castle that is unforgettable with possibility to climb up to the tower and see the view of the city, as well as climb down to the old prison. New castle introduces its visitors with History and Art museum exhibition, and Exhibition hall is the perfect place for the art admirers. Open object

Cēsis Old Town

During the Middle Ages, around the castle and church of Cēsis, close to each other compacted on all sides, were formed narrow, winding streets with craftsmen and traders' houses. Open object

St. John’s Church

St. John’s Church is the second most notable architectural feature in Cēsis (along with the Cēsis castle complex), one of the oldest medieval monuments and one of the oldest cult buildings in the country. The church was built at the beginning of the 13th century as Christianity advanced into the Baltic, to serve the needs of the Livonian Order.Open object

Vidzeme Concerthall "Cēsis"

The Vidzeme concert hall “Cēsis” was opened in the spring of 2014. The historical elements of the concert hall co-exist harmoniously with the contemporary ones. The architectural image of the concert hall was created by restoring the old Cēsis Community Building and adding some contemporary architectural forms to it.Open object

Camel Park "Rakši"

Camel Park "Rakši" is located 7 km from Cēsis and is home to more than 150 animals. Camel rides, llama walks, donkey cart rides, face-to-face lemur feeding and many other activities are available at "Rakši".Open object

Active Recreation Complex "Ozolkalns"

Active Recreation Complex "Ozolkalns" is located in Gauja National Park, on the bank of river Gauja, surrounded by pine forest, 5 km from Cēsis city centre. To relax and have an adventurous stay are welcomed adulsts, as well as children - families with children, frien companies, couples -, and it is suitable for every season of the year. Open object

Cīrulīši Nature Trails

The Cīrulīši Nature Trails will introduce you to the evolution of the beautiful Gauja River valley from Ice age to nowadays! The Cīrulīši nature trails at Cēsis reveal the history of the Gauja River and its surrounding nature.Open object

Araisi Archaeological Park

Araisi Archaeological Park offers the insight into the daily life ofancient people, what they ate and what they wore, as well as helps to find out why the Lake Fortress sank and how it revived. Tours and excursions provided by the Archaeological Park offer a look into everyday life and celebrations of people of different centuries.Open object

Ērgļu (Eagle) Cliffs

The mighty, majestic wall that rises straight out of the river Gauja is known as the Eagle Cliffs. It is the most impressive cliff in the valley of the Gauja river with characteristic features of a monolithic sandstone surface.Open object

Zvārtes Rock

This is one of the most picturesque and the most popular outcrops of red sandstone of the Devonian period, which is situated on both banks of the Amata river and is surrounded by woods and meadows.Open object

Ungurmuiža Manor

Ungurmuiža manor house ensemble with the Baroque style manor house is the only architectural monument of the 18th century wooden baroque buildings preserved in Latvia.Open object

Līču-Laņģu Sandstone Cliffs

The Līču-Laņģu sandstone cliffs is approximately one kilometre long and is located on the left side of the primeval valley of the River Gauja.Its maximum height is ~30 m. 6km long walking trail is built in the surrounding area. Around 20 springs are flowing out of Līču–Laņģu Cliffs, due to which caves of various length and hollows of various sizes have been shaped.Open object

Ligatne Paper-Mill and the historical center of Ligatne Paper-Mill village

For almost 200 years the name of Ligatne is closely related to the industrial heritage of Ligatne – Paper Mill. City construction monument of national importance displaying the wooden architecture of the 19th century that blends perfectly with the scenic nature – the hilly terrain, the Līgatne river and Lustūzis and Anfabrika rocks.Open object

Līgatne Nature Trails

Līgatne Nature Trails of Gauja National Park were established in 1975 to acquaint the visitors with nature, wild mammal species living in Latvia, nature variety and necessity for protection. Visitors can observe elk, foxes, bears, roes, racoon dogs, lynxes, boars, squirrels, hedgehogs, as well as birds – eagle-owls and owls.Open object

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