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Sarkanās (Red) Cliffs

The Sarkanās (Red) Cliffs are situated on the massif of the right bank of Gauja river, approximately 0.5km from the old Lieplejas, or Raiskuma inn up to the Gauja river.

The cliffs stretch for several hundred metres and have a reddish colour which led to naming them “Red” Cliffs. The cliffs contain cracks that cleave reddish rocks, creating an unusual natural work of art. Their surface is rather indented, forming small caves and niches in the cliffs. Sandy rock band breaks as the middle that divides the spectacular cliffs of two parts.

Several springs flow out of the cliff and one of them is named Rūcamavots (Roaring spring) that breaks out of the cliffs with a kind of noise.

Red Cliffs is a protected natural geological monument in the Gauja National Park. A well-maintained trail is stretching up to the spring and forth along the bottom edge of the cliff. There is a small parking lot at the beginning of a trail.

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