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Camel Park "Rakši"

Camel Park "Rakši" is located 7 km from Cēsis and is home to more than 150 animals - camels, llamas, alpacas, lemurs, Australian kangaroos, zebras, Poitu donkeys, Vale black-necked goats, Vale black-nosed sheep, Highland cows, colorful macaws, emus, ostriches , meerkats, guinea pigs and rabbits. Camel rides, llama walks, donkey cart rides, face-to-face lemur feeding and many other activities are available at "Rakši".

In the Camel cafe, visitors can enjoy healthy pancakes and delicious ice cream with camel milk, as well as tagines of Moroccan food cooked on fire. The souvenir shop offers cosmetics with camel milk, various knits made of camel, llama and alpaca wool, as well as blankets filled with the wool of these animals.

Rakši also produces organic fertilizers for gardeners and flower growers, which also contain camel, llama and alpacas manure.

The "Rakši" concept hotel is decorated in Moroccan style with many interior and style elements of eastern culture, besides, there are camels at every step of the hotel - both in wall decorations, on canvases, in decorations and even on furniture.

Travel to Camel Park "Rakši" and enjoy the presence of camels in everything - in nature, food, souvenirs, cosmetics and room interiors. WE love camels!

Photo: Rakši ZOO

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