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Sculpture “Senās (Ancient) Cēsis”

The sculpture "Senās (Ancient) Cēsis" is the depiction of the town plan in bronze which is created based on the first available town plans from the Middle Ages. "Ancient Cēsis" shows the objects which are no longer in town. One of such objects is the old Mint, which location is known only approximately. Therefore it is depicted in the form of an ancient coin.

As says the sculptor, Matiass Jansons, the work has its own legend - when a knight will appear on the coin from the touch by people, money will again be minted in Cēsis.

By unveiling of bronze sculpture “Ancient Cēsis” celebration of 810th anniversary of Cēsis started. The sculpture is located in Rožu (Rose) Square.

Photos from Cēsis TIC archive

Rožu laukums, Cēsis, Latvija

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