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Science, Art and Gastronomy Center “Brewery”

The Old brewery (which can be seen from the outside), also known as Alus brūzis (Latvian specific word for “brewery”), was built in 1878 by the owner, Earl Emanuel Zivers. In 1922 several entrepreneurs from Cesis bought out the brewery from the Zivers family and during this period the brewery was also producing wines, juices and mineral water.

Cēsis Brewery that was built in 1878 is a national cultural monument, representing a unique industrial heritage of the 18th, 19th and 20th century.

Currently, it is owned by the Institute for Environmental Solutions (IES). IES’s plan for the brewery complex is to develop Science, Art and Gastronomy Centre. It will be the platform for scientists, artists, chefs and other specialists to collaborate and address environmental issues.

Open events provided by the Brewery complex: JCE biennale exhibition; RTU International summer school of architects; Pop-up eatery “Brūzis Reconstruction Site”; European Researchers’ Night 2016; annual Cēsis Art Festival, Gastronomic performances etc.

Photos from "Institute for Environmental Solutions" archive

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