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Cēsis Exhibition Hall

Cēsis Exhibition Hall is unique with its architectural design of the premises. An expressive architectural style, composed of impressive woodwork rooms provide an opportunity to organize various exhibitions, and excellent acoustics allows to organize concerts of academic music. Due to the wide variety of exhibitions, concerts and other social events, the Exhibition Hall fits in the cultural processes of Cēsis, Latvia and worldwide.

The present appearance of the stables and the cart-house of the Cēsis Manor emerged after a restructure in the first half of the 19th century in the free form of late classicism. The building was erected to provide stables for the horses of the lords and of the guests in the local inn, as well as the cart-house in which wheels and carriages were stored. The building lost its original function of the stables and the cart-house in the early 1920's, when it was transferred to the 8th Daugavpils infantry regiment of the Latvian army. During subsequent decades the building was transformed into a warehouse and garages. In 1985 after the reconstruction of this building the Exhibition Hall was located here.

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