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Traditional products made in Latvia and craftsman goods, such as, linen products, clothes, knits, jewelry, cosmetics, ceramics, edible goods, house wines, candles etc., as well as souvenirs common to Cēsis. Open object

Ancient Jewellery Smithy

For his research and experimentation ancient jewellery master Daumants Kalniņš shares knowledge and experience in his experimental archelogy workshop “Ancient jewellery smithy.”Open object

Vidzemes radošie stropi

"Vidzemes Radošie stropi" store-gallery started operating in the middle of July 2021 and the guests of Cēsis and the region are delighted with the creations and master classes of Vidzeme masters.Open object

The art shop "MOTTAND"

MOTTAND offers the service of transferring drawings or photos chosen by the customer onto various articles like clothing, mugs or tableware, which can then be used as personalised gifts for loved ones. The shop offers knitted articles, painted silk, handicraft jewellery made from various materials, linen gift bags and paintings made by artists from Cēsis.Open object

Medieval Costume Workshop

Workshop offers to get acquainted with the medieval clothing,possibility to rent costumes. Children is possibility make dolls,to participate in the dolls show-puppets tells tales. Workshop offers make candles.Open object

Studio "Tili"

Tili studio is a children’s clothing brand as well as an open studio located in the Old Town of Cēsis, which produces clothing and accessories for children between the ages of 1–12. The brand is active in the demi-couture segment and each collection is created by using high-quality materials from the best manufacturers in Europe. Open object

Weavers’ workhop „Veverisas”

In the weaving workshop "Vēverīšas", the textile artist Dagnija Kupče works. Together with other textile artists, she takes care of the intangible cultural heritage – the authentic Latvian national costumes.Open object

Shop - studio "Sa.adi"

Sa.adi is a family-owned workshop and store. Our slogan is "Individual approach to each customer". We offer a wide range of knitted articles for children and adults. Every item is produced on the spot, in a homely workshop. Open object

Shoe and leather accessories ateleir "JUNE9"

Here, where once there were the dormitories of a vocational school, now is a family-owned company that is engaged in the production of leather footwear and accessories. We prefer a sustainable product. To be shoes, bags or accessories, a careful work of several hours is applied to each.Open object

Candle manufacturer “Laureta Candles”

Visiting the candle shop will allow you to see how candles are made from various kinds of wax as well as purchase them. Already since the very beginning these candles have been 100% hand-made.Open object

Feeling drums

Masters of the Feeling Drums Ilze and Sergejs Bušujevi help people to become friends with the drums, create their own drums, opening up for the feelings, filling them with their energy and love. By creating the drums, you can create a special connection between yourself and the drums.Open object

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