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Baltic hiking route "Forest trail"

Forest Trail Takes you out of the hustle and bustle of the city to a place where there is peace. A place where you can be alone with yourself, inhale the refreshing air of pine forest, relax in the sun-heated moss and think of nothing. Forest Trail has no holidays - it is always waiting for its hikers.Open object

Way of St James to Santiago de Compostela "Camino Latvia"

The Saint James Way or Camino de Santiago is one of the main historic pilgrimage routes in Europe.Open object

One Day Around Cēsis

Suitable for very active hikers interested in nature and physical activities. The route introduces with excellent views of the primeval valley of the River Gauja, the history of the valley since the end of the Ice Age, and the values of boreal forests.Open object

Mushrooms of Gauja National park

There are more than 4000 various mushroom species in Latvia. Mushrooms are extraordinary organisms combining the features of plants and animals. Not for nothing they have their own fungi kingdom. Mushrooms vary very much in terms of colours and shapes, and therefore are interesting to watch.Open object

Cēsis –Ērgļu Cliffs– Jāņmuiža

Suitable for travellers interested not only in the towns, but also in magnificent landscapes and one of the most monolith sandstone cliff walls in the Baltics — the Ērģeļu Cliffs. Destinations are easily linked with public transportation.Open object

From Līgatne to Cēsis

This is a trip through the most impressive primeval valley of a river in the Baltics with lots of sandstone outcrops on the slopes of ravines of the River Gauja and its tributaries from the Devonian Period.Open object


The section between Rāmnieki and Valmiera leads pre-dominantly along remote forest roads and paths offering excellent places to watch wildlife in Gauja National Park, but hiking there is quite strenuous.Open object

Best Landscapes in the Vicinity of Āraiši

Suitable for those interested in nature and culture environment. Appreciated by those running after beautiful sights to catch these by a photo camera. Open object

River Amata. Rocks and Cliffs

For travellers not afraid of large and frequent terrain differences, and also for those wishing to see and enjoy the beautiful banks of primeval valley of the River Amata while heading along remote forest paths.Open object

Liepa, Līču–Laņģu cliffs

The route leads along natural, few-known trails up to Līču–Laņģu Cliffs located in the middle of the forest, and introducing to Lode Clay-pit. The route shall be taken together with a guide.Open object

Cēsis inside – hikes, excursions, nature expeditions

Take a look at the world from a different perspective! Discover Cēsis and its surroundings together with a nature guide. Learn what distinguishes Cēsis from other towns in Latvia!Open object

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