Senatne mūsdienās



The summer of Cēsis implies the odor of art, music and romance!

The sound of warm summer rain in the town of Cēsis, surrounded by flourishing flowers. The evenings in the town, when the inhabitants of Cēsis and guests idly spend their time in summer cafes, invite you to take a leisurely and romantic walk through the town where lanterns shine upon their foot-path, Old town pavement and parks filled with flowers.

In summer, the Hanseatic town – Cēsis – turn into celebration – musical programs, attractions for families with children, events for young people, art and photo exhibitions, improvised scenes, creative workshops – all this intertwines in the whirlpool of colourful and joyful memorable events. Cēsis Art Festival is an especially highly anticipated event in Cēsis, for many years bringing together music and art lovers from near and far.

During the last weekend of July, the Middle Ages come back to nowadays in the form of Medieval festival – two day program filled with attractions, lectures, workshops, demonstrations and much more. In the castle during Medieval festival it is possible to meet and greet knights, archers, craftsmen, minstrels, jokers, storytellers and traders.


In autumn the air of Cēsis vibrates with creative thoughts, positive energy and confidence!

Golden leaves herald the approach of autumn, and the view from the Medieval castle complex towers, when autumn comes, allows you to enjoy picturesque landscape. In the streets of Cēsis, chestnuts and acorns are rolling set in motion by energetic steps of hasty pedestrians. Multi-coloured umbrellas are moving in rhythmic flicker, and a strong whiff of wind spreads across the daily hustle and bustle of the town. The autumn moment catchers, thirsty for peace and harmony, are seeking out in nature to enjoy the magic of the golden leaves in the Gauja river valley, where each of them, after a walk filled with warm emotions, have to enjoy the refreshment by drinking water from natural spring. In autumn, the inhabitants of Cēsis harvest their crops – their completed tasks, cherished dreams and new goals for the future. At the Mikelis day Fair, wide range of fresh and tasty vegetables, fruits and berries, picked up in our gardens and woods are offered. Baskets, neatly made by craftsmen, wicker chairs and decorated dowry chests, woven blankets and knitted socks – made with good thoughts and wishes –  waits for their new owners to have a first encounter.

Lāčplēša day, 11th of November, in Cēsis is very unique and special day, because we celebrate it with strong traditions. Thousands of candles in Cēsis Castle Park are lighted in contour of Latvia, to remember and dignify our country and its freedom fighters. On 18th of November, the inhabitants of Cēsis jointly celebrate the Anniversary of Latvia with public worship, flower-laying ceremony at the Victory Monument, concert program prepared by towns’ collectives and with honouring the most industrious people in the town.


Winter on the hills of Cēsis is time for courage to be born for challenging new victories!

Winter in Cēsis comes with snow that covers the signposts, the roofs of the houses, castle towers, pavements and our beautiful parks. Cēsis for a moment turns into a white and soft snow space in which the sound of slowly falling flakes and the screams of excitement of winter sports lovers from the surrounding hills and woods can be heard. Active holiday lovers are invited to go to the longest downhill ski slopes of Latvia and internationally recognized cross-country ski slopes in Cēsis Olympic Centre.

Every winter evening in Cēsis becomes the celebration of taste and sense. In restaurants and cafes, where candle lights and warm smiles are shining, and time stops for a moment, meals with natural bounties are laid. Charming cinnamon flavour entice passers-by to warm their noses that are covered with snowflakes and to enjoy a delicious cup of hot chocolate.

Craftsmen welcome town guests into their workshops to try some of the old skills or prepare gifts for their loved ones, as Christmas and New Year are already “knocking” at the door.  The end of the year in Cēsis is characterized by joyful activities, fairs and sincere concerts throughout the town, culminating in a New Year’s Eve with celebration and fireworks in the Vienības Square.


Cēsis allures us to see the beauty around us, to awake nature and ourselves!

In spring, the snow melts in Cēsis, and small, rippling brooks encourage us to go in nature and enjoy its waking up. Later in the streets of the Cēsis Old Town glamorous lilacs are blooming. Parks, the most beloved recreational and meeting places, are coloured in softly green shades, and the banks of the Gauja river are buried in white bird-cherry blossoms, where the giddy songs of the nightingales can be heard.

In spring, you are tempted by hiking on the hills of Cēsis or along the Gauja valley, facing the view of the coloured sandstone rocks in which large and small caves can be seen. Canoeing in the Gauja and Amata rivers’ bubbling rapids may develop into an unforgettable adventure, while leisurely cycling along the quiet forest trails take you to the places where you can’t get by car. Here nature awakens all the senses – tall pines interspersed with deciduous trees, but the air smells of sun-warmed moss and resin.

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