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Gourmet's Journey 2024

We invite you to embark on the GOURMET'S JOURNEY, where from March 15 to 31, you'll have the opportunity to visit 17 restaurants and cafes in the hospitable Cēsis county!

Whether you're a true foodie or simply someone looking for the perfect reason to explore the region, this is your golden ticket to an unforgettable adventure!

Visit the Michelin-recognized restaurant "H.E. Vanadziņš," experience the atmosphere of the "Kannas" restaurant hosted by Kristaps Sīlis, and discover the new chef's signature at the restaurant of the luxurious "Villa Santa" and also visit the peaceful restaurant at the "Jonathan SPA Estate" hotel. Take in the bird's-eye view of Cēsis at the "Mango Sky Lounge" restaurant, enjoy the countryside manor cuisine at the "Kārļamuiža" restaurant, and visit the family-run "Restaurant 1815" located in the oldest building of Līgatne - the first paper mill.

We also invite you to explore the exciting "Zeit cafe" and head to the "Slow Food Straupe" market to savor the delights of local home producers! Visit the cozy tavern "Glendeloka," have a hearty meal at "Bērzi", try the new offerings at "Centra bistro" - Italian pizzas, relish Asian cuisine at "Go To Sushi Bar", drop by the charming cafe "Vilhelmīnes dzirnavas" and enjoy the special offerings at "Vecpilsētas resto-bistro" or the creative cafe "Mākslas telpa MALA"!

Stay tuned for updates to glimpse the offers available only during the GOURMET'S JOURNEY event!

Mark 15.03.-31.03. on your calendars and get ready to explore the flavors of the Cesis county!


Sharing plates in three courses

Food tastes better when shared! So we invite you to share it with family and friends.

We will serve three course meal, what's inspired from nordic cuisine and made with best seasonal ingredients.

Meal will be made by chef Edgars Rubenis, recomended by "Michelin Guide".


Price: 35 €/pers. 50% discount for children.

Reservations: 24771771 or

Available on weekends: 15.-17.03., 22.-24.03., 29.-31.03.

Opening hours: Fri 17.00-22.00; Sat 12.00-22.00; Sun 12.00-20.00.



1st course

Fresh whipped cheese (Gulbene district "Pakalnieši") - yellow beets, rhubarb, roasted natural yeast rye corn, pickled endive

2nd course

Monkfish - fennel cream, sugar snap peas, tarragon, bacon

3rd course

Sea Bass fillet - marinated potatoes, tomato concasse, shrimp veloute sauce

4th course

Latvian beef flank steak - bare-grain barley groats (farm "Kaņepītes"), caramelized young carrots, bone marrow mayonnaise, red wine sauce

5th course

Rhubarb semifreddo - elderberry gel, green buckwheat (farm “Kaņepītes”) cookie


Price: 45 €

Rezervation: 64177177 or

Opening hours: 15.-28.03. and 30.03. Mon-Tue closed; Wen-Thu 17.00-21.00*; Fri-Sat 13.00-22.00; Sun 13.00-17.00.

*only with previous reservations


Main course

Local rabbit pate en croute, rasphberry mostarda, apples


Price: 20 €


Opening hours: 14.00-21.00


1st course
Mushroom tart
mushroom tea/porto gel


2nd course
Latvian smoked fish tataki
birch juce vinegar/red currant ponzu


3rd course
Veal chicks
vegetable terrine/fermented garlic


4th course
Goat cheese pana cotta
rhubarb kompot/hazel nuts praline


Price: 58 €

Rezervation: 25606066

Opening hours: 16.00-21.00



Puff pastry pie with chicken, spinach and cheese 7.50


Sun-loved spinach cream soup 7.50 (VEG)

Greens Mango-quinoa salad with citrus sauce 8.50 (VEG)

Main course
Medium fried Flat iron steak served with vegetable stew and chimichurri sauce 17.00


Rezervation: 23000210

Opening hours: Mon-Thu 14.00-22.00; Fri 14.00-23.00; Sat 12.00-23.00; Sun 12.00-22.00



Beetroot cream soup with bread chips, fried cheese and spring greens
Salad with smoked fish and honey-citrus dressing


Main course

Kolka herring with whipped horseradish cream, green curd and butter steamed potatoes
Venison ragout
Roasted butternut pumpkin with goat cheese and sprouts



Blackcurrant panna cotta with berry sorbet


Price: 30 €

Rezervation: 27222555

Restorāns 1815

Opening hours: Sat- Sun 12.00 - 21.00


Afternoon tea in British style

Afternoon tea will be served according to the English royal traditions - various types of savory rolls with butter, scones, muffins, cakes and tea.


Price: 18 €

Rezervation: 26165298

Opening hours: Wen-Sun 16.00-18.00


Second and dessert set

Spring comet - Vegetarian Caesar salad with quail eggs and avocado and mango

Honey chia pudding


Piedāvājuma cena: 12 €

Rezervācijām: 26101945

Darba laiks: Fri-Sat 12.00-20.00; Sun 12.00-17.00


Main course

Fried and curry marinated mackerel, iceberg lettuce, vegetable salad 10.00 €
(anchovy sauce, parmesan and cheese biscuit)

Lamb shank, vegetables in sesame marinade 20.00
(celery puree, red wine sauce)



Chocolate fondant 6.00
(forest berry compote, cherry sorbet, cherry gel, almonds)


Rezervation: 25779944 or

Opening hours: Sat 11.00-21.00, Sun 11.00-19.00

Special offer available only on weekends.


Taste of Latvia  - Chanterelle cream soup with croutons
Taste of Ukraine - Borscht with garlic bread and bacon fat
Taste of Italy - Pasta with seafood


Price: 5-10 €

Rezervation: 64161016

Opening hours: Mon-Sun 12.00-20.00



Cream soup with grilled carrots and cheese topped with microgreens

Salad mix with prosciutto, crumbled feta cheese and balsamico sauce


Main course

Cuttlefish seafood pasta with homemade tomato sauce

Risotto with cream, chicken and grilled asparagus



Panna cotta with berries and basil marinated in lime


Rezervation: 25575426

Opening hours: Mon-Thu 11.00-19.00, Fri-Sat 11.00-20.00, Sun 11.00-19.00



6 cheese pizza (Cheese mix, Mozzarella, Mascarpone, Gorgonzola, Feta cheese, Goat cheese) 11.00 € (VEG)

Margarita (Cheese, tomatoes, basil) 7.00 € (VEG)

Salami (Cheese, salami) 8.00 €

Ham and cheese pizza (Cheese, ham, tomato, basil) 8.00 €

Pepperoni (hot) (Salami, jalapeno, cheese) 11.00 €

Greek pizza (Cheese, mscarpone, cherry tomatoes, garlic oil, spinach leaves) 8.50 € (VEG)

Caesar Burger Pizza (Cheese, minced meat, tomatoes, fresh onions, pickles, caesar sauce, iceberg lettuce) 11.50 €

Kebab pizza (Kebab meat, iceberg lettuce, cheese, cucumber, jalapeño, onion, original sauce) 11.50 €

Tuna pizza (Olive oil, olives, tuna, mozzarella cheese, pickles) 11.50 €

Prosciutto pizza (Mozzarella cheese, prosciutto, arugula, cheese, parmesan, dried tomatoes, oregano) 11.50 €

Chicken pizza (Chicken, paprika, tomatoes, pineapple, curry sauce) 10.50 €


Rezervation: 24400070

Opening hours: Mon-Sun 10.00-18.00



Edamame soybeans in pods 4.00 € (VEG)


Main course

Crispy vegan chicken in sweet and sour sauce with rice, sesame and greens 9.50 €

Crispy chicken in sweet and sour sauce with rice, sesame and greens 9.50 €

Masago Mango hot maki 9.60 €

Wok with tofu cheese 11.50 €

Wok with chicken 10.50 €

Rezervation: 24204050

Opening hours: Mon-Thu 11.00-22.00; Fru-Sat 11.00-00.00; Sun. 11.00-22.00.


Ukrainian cuisine with Ukrainians

Ukrainian borscht
Odessa forshmak (pickled herring)


Main course
Kiev cutlet
Potato zrazes (zeppelins) with wild mushrooms


Cottage cheese scones with sour cream and raspberry jam
Pumpkin pancakes with cottage cheese and nuts


Price: 15 €

Rezervation: 27551311

Opening hours: Fri 12.00-19.00; Sat-Sun 10.00-20.00


Glass noodle salad with paprika, bamboo shoots and chicken in spicy sauce

Spicy Tom-Yum soup with vegetables.

Fish dishes
Steamed Dorada with steamed vegetables in garlic sauce.

Pork dishes
Pork strips with celery and shiitake mushrooms in spicy chilli-soy glaze.

MOCHA green tea panna cotta with fruits and fried vermicelli.


Price: 23 €

Rezervation: 25456418

Opening hours: Sat-Sun. 13.00-16.00


1st course

Royal Turkish Beans with Carrot Mayonnaise

2nd course

Trout from Dzērbene in spring uniform

3rd course

Grilled Blue Cow's milk cheese with berries from the Gauja coast

Price: 15 €

Opening date: 17.03. 12.00-14.00

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