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SIA "Cēsu klīnika"

The hospital of Cēsis "Cēsu Klīnika" offers a 5% discount for all paid services for Friend's Card holders.

Slimnīcas iela 9, Cēsis (Emergency Room and admission department, inpatient departments, outpatient consultations and diagnostic examinations)

Palasta iela 15, Cesis (Rehabilitation Department and Day Center, Ophthalmologist’s Office, Mental Health Center)

+371 64125634


Computer salon “Datnet IT”

10% discount for memory cards, USB flash drives and copying services.

Pļavas iela 5, Cēsis
+371 25463444


Flower shop “Ziedu klēpis”

10% discount on any purchase

Valmieras iela 27, Cēsis
+371 26604459


Family dental clinic

10% discount on dental hygiene treatment.

Valmieras iela 9, Cēsis
+371 28600038


Farm “Kliģēni”

10% discount at the flower shop “Dārznieks”
10% discount on summer seedlings and pendulous plants at “Kliģēni” gardening

Veikals/shop- “Dārznieks”, J. Poruka iela 18, Cēsis;
Dārzniecība/farm – Ābolu iela 12, Cēsīs


Gas station “Virši”

0,05 EUR/per liter fuel discount (petrol, diesel)
10% discount on hot drinks, sandwiches, hot sandwiches and windshield washer fluid

DUS “Cēsis” Raiņa iela 32, Cēsis
DUS “Cēsis Saulrīti” Piebalgas 99A, Vaives pag., Cēsu nov.
DUS “Žagarkalns” Katrīnkalns 1, Drabešu pag., Cēsu nov.


Optical shop “Metropole”

10% discount on sunglasses eyeglasses frames;
10% discount on contact lences*

*Discount doesn't apply to other discouts and special offers.

Poruka iela 19 (t/c Solo), Cēsis
+371 27762179


Textile shop “Šarlotes audumi”

10% discount when buying fabrics in online stores and in person at the point of sale. In online stores, you will receive a discount by entering the discount code CĒSUDRAUGS.

Maija iela 1, Cēsis
Tel. +37120087448


Wooden garden furniture manufacturing company SIA “EKJU"

Buying 2 items, the cheapest 10% discount.

Cecīļu iela 12, Ieriķi, Drabešu pagasts
Cēsu novads, LV-4139
+371 64170073


Cesis Tourism Information Center

Address: Baznīcas laukums 1, Cēsis

Latvija, LV-4101

Tel. +371 28318318

Working hours:

Tuesday - Saturday 10.00-17.00

Monday, Sunday CLOSED