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Wooden garden furniture manufacturing company SIA “EKJU"

Buying 2 items, the cheapest 10% discount.

Cecīļu iela 12, Ieriķi, Drabešu pagasts
Cēsu novads, LV-4139
+371 64170073


Textile shop “Šarlotes audumi”

10% discount when buying fabrics in online stores and in person at the point of sale. In online stores, you will receive a discount by entering the discount code CĒSUDRAUGS.

Maija iela 1, Cēsis
Tel. +37120087448


SIA "Cēsu klīnika"

The hospital of Cēsis "Cēsu Klīnika" offers a 5% discount for all paid services for Friend's Card holders.

Slimnīcas iela 9, Cēsis (Emergency Room and admission department, inpatient departments, outpatient consultations and diagnostic examinations)

Palasta iela 15, Cesis (Rehabilitation Department and Day Center, Ophthalmologist’s Office, Mental Health Center)

+371 64125634


Camping "Oškalns"

15% discount on accommodation

“Oškalni”, Drabešu pagasts, Amata
+371 20034344


Excursions in Nature "Cēsis Inside"

10% discount for excursions in Cēsis led by nature guide Sigita Klētniece.

+371 29109965


Active tourism centre “Eži”

15% discount at shop “Eži” and rental services
5% discount on bikes

Rīgas iela 51a, Cēsis
+371 26573132


Apartments “Cēsu Namiņš”

10% discount on accommodation

Lielā skolas iela 7, Cēsis
+371 26608166


Āraiši Windmill

10% discount on entrance fee and miller’s lunch

Āraiši, Drabešu pag., Cēsu novads


Bakery “Cēsu Maize”

10% discount on bread

Rīgas iela 18, Cēsis, (entrance from L.Skolas ielas)


Bistro “Bērzkrogs”

5% discount on meals, excluding drinks and lunch offer

“Lielbērzi”, Bērzkrogs, Veselavas pag., Priekuļi
+371 27 722 557


Brewery “Trimpus”

10% discount on beer at the bar

Skolas iela 6, Cēsis
+371 23002000


Cafe “Kafe Priede”

If order amount exceeds 10,00 EUR, black coffee for free

Rīgas iela 11, Cēsis
+371 27212727


Cafe “Pagrabiņš”

10% discount on meals

Vienības laukums 1, Cēsis
+371 64120125


Cafe “Vinetas un Allas Kārumlāde”

5% discount on snacks

Rīgas iela 12, Cēsis
+371 28375579


Camel park “Rakši”

10% discount for programmes “The big “Rakši” trip” and “The small “Rakši” trip”

“Rakši”, Amata, Drabešu pagasts
+371 20009098
+371 20009097


Cēsis castle complex

30% discount on entrance fee at Cēsis castle complex (Medieval castle, Museum and Exhibition hall)

Pils laukums 9, Cēsis


Computer salon “Datnet IT”

10% discount for memory cards and USB flash drives

Pļavas iela 5, Cēsis
+371 25463444


Flower shop “Ziedu klēpis”

10% discount on any purchase

Valmieras iela 27, Cēsis
+371 26604459


Dikļi Palace

10% discount on accommodation
10% discount on concerts and performances organised by Dikļi palace

Dikļu Pils, Dikļu pagasts, Kocēnu novads
+371 64207480
+371 26515445


Family dental clinic

5% discount on dental treatment services

Valmieras iela 9, Cēsis
+371 28600038


Farm “Kliģēni”

10% discount at the flower shop “Dārznieks”
10% discount on summer seedlings and pendulous plants at “Kliģēni” gardening

Veikals/shop- “Dārznieks”, J. Poruka iela 18, Cēsis;
Dārzniecība/farm – Ābolu iela 12, Cēsīs


Gas station “Virši-A”

0,03 EUR/per liter fuel discount (petrol, diesel)
10% discount on hot drinks, sandwiches, hot sandwiches and windshield washer fluid

DUS “Cēsis” Raiņa iela 32, Cēsis
DUS “Cēsis Saulrīti” Piebalgas 99A, Vaives pag., Cēsu nov.
DUS “Žagarkalns” Katrīnkalns 1, Drabešu pag., Cēsu nov.


Holiday house “Celmi”

10% discount on accommodation (to use sauna, arrange in advance with the owner)

Celmi, Vaives pagasts, Rāmuļi, Cēsu novads
+371 26542840


Hotel “Katrīna”

5% discount on accommodation

Mazā Katrīnas iela 8, Cēsis
+371 20008870


Hotel “Kārļamuiža”

When having dinner in Kārļamuiža restaurant, a hot drink for free (please make reservation in advance)

Free of charge mountain bikes or Nordic walking equipment rental

Kārļi, Amata, Drabešu pag.
+371 26165298


Hotel “Tigra”

10% discount on accommodation

Veidenbauma iela 2, Priekuļi
+371 64174040


Guest house "Ezernieki"

Renting out the guest house complex, use of the sauna is free of charge.

“Ezernieki”, Augšlīgatne, Cēsu novads
+371 26592550


Insurance company “Gjensidige”

Discount on KASKO 10%; MAXI 15%; Travels 15%; NG 15%; OCTA 8% (more info at ADB "Gjensidige" office in Cēsis)

Valmieras iela 11, Cēsis
+371 64120318


LLC “Ditta”

10% discount on ride with winter bobsleigh and with “frog” (skeleton) at Sigulda bobsleigh and luge track.

Šveices iela 13, Sigulda
+371 29244948


LLC “Makars Tourism agency”

20% discount on canoe trips on offered routes

Peldu iela 2, Sigulda
+371 29244948


Manor Ungurmuiža

50% discount on entrance fee at museum of Ungurmuiža manor
5% discount on meals at Ungurmuiža's restaurant

“Ungurmuiža”, Raiskuma pagasts, Cēsu nomads
+371 22007332


Medieval costume workshop

10% discount on costume rental and 15% discount on taking pictures in medieval costumes

Vaļņu iela 5, Cēsis
+371 29792085


Municipality agency “Cēsis Culture and Tourism centre”

10-50% discount on tickets for concerts organised by the agency

Baznīcas laukums 1, Cēsis
+371 28318318


Optical shop “Metropole”

10% discount on all eyeglasses frames

Poruka iela 19 (t/c Solo), Cēsis
+371 27762179


Pizzeria “Studio Pizza”

10% discount for large pizzas

Rīgas iela 20, Cēsis
+371 20606000


Restaurant “Go To Sushi bar”

If order amount exceeds 10,00 EUR, get a bonus - coffee or tea drink
*offer includes ice coffee and ice tea

Rīgas iela 9-1A, Cēsis
+371 24204050


Restaurant “Jāņoga”

10% discount on meals, excluding lunch offers and brunch

Valmieras iela 21a, Cēsis
+371 28309298


Skiing and recreational park “Ozolkalns”

10% discount on ski lifts and entrance fee at adventure park “Supervāvere”

Drabešu pagasts, Amata, Cēsu novads
+371 26400200


Souvenir shop “Suvenīri Cēsis”

5% discount on all purchases and special offers on patriotic souvenirs of Cēsis

Rīgas iela 25, Cēsis
+371 29534175


SUP board rent “SUPo Cēsis”

When renting SUP board for 3 hours, next hour is for free

Caunas iela 3, Cēsis
+371 25552226


Swimming pool “Rifs”

+30 min for free for 1 hour visit in the pool

Cēsu prospekts 46a, Priekuļi, Cēsu Novas
+371 29227544


Tayo Sushi – take away

5% discount, excluding lunch offer

Pļavas iela 5, Cēsis
+371 24118440


Vidzeme concert hall “Cēsis”

5% discount on tickets to:
- All events organised in “Lielā zāle” (Big hall)*;
- Cinema*
*if the event is organized by the concert hall “Cēsis”

Raunas iela 12, Cēsis
+371 64119922


Weaving workshop “Vēverīšas”

5% discount on national costume

Rīgas iela 19 (3rd floor), Cēsis
+371 26054322


Cesis Tourism Information Center

Address: Baznīcas laukums 1, Cēsis

Latvija, LV-4101

Tel. +371 28318318

Working hours:

Tuesday - Saturday 10.00-17.00

Monday, Sunday CLOSED