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An eventful year in Cesis

This year, Cesis will host a series of events that will allow residents and visitors of Cesis to enjoy cultural, gastronomic and artistic activities. Holidaymakers will enjoy festivals, concerts, sports events and restaurant weeks.

One of the most important and anticipated events of the year is the Cesis City Festival. This year, the city will celebrate its 814th anniversary from July 17 to July 19. On Friday and Saturday, the streets, parks and squares of the Old Town will be filled with music and dance. Sunday will be spent in active sports. The only free two-day rock music festival in Latvia - “Fono Cēsis 2020” - will take place as part of the city festival. During the event, the most famous musicians and special guests from abroad will be on stage for two days. The third day of celebration of Cesis is called recreation and sports day. The program of the festival will include motocross race "Zelta mopēds", festival "Ghetto Games" and other various activities of Cesis sports clubs.

For the third year in a row Cesis restaurant weeks will be held in Cesis. This event is held twice a year - in spring and autumn. Spring Restaurant Week is expected to be from March 28th to April 5th, and Autumn Restaurant Week is planned from November 7th to November 15th. This week, restaurants in Cesis and the surrounding area will open their doors to all gourmets who want to please themselves with sophisticated tastes at an affordable price. Throughout the week, city dwellers and visitors alike have the opportunity to enjoy the finest dishes of the season, prepared by experienced chefs, who bring a modern and sophisticated touch to each meal.

This year, on June 22, Cesis will celebrate the Victory Day of Latvia - the anniversary of the Battle of Cesis. In order to bring this festival tradition to life in the coming years, a diverse program of events is planned, offering various cultural and historical activities throughout the day in the Old Town of Cesis.  At the end of the year, Cēsis traditionally will host the Lāčplēsis Day celebration, which has been a must-visit list for many years, not only for the inhabitants of Cēsis, but also for many visitors of the city. This year, there will be a torch procession, a multimedia performance on the medieval castle walls of Cesis and the laying of candles in the outline of Latvia.

The festival “The April of Pēteris Vasks”will be launched in Cesis in one month. Listeners will have opportunity to enjoy compositions written by the famous composer P.Vasks. Music Festival takes place annually in April, in the composer’s birth month, and it is Maestro himself who curates its content ‒ both selecting the pieces for the concert programmes and inviting outstanding contemporary performing artists. As usual, the conversation festival “Lampa” will take place in Cesis during the summer season from June 19 till June 20. During the event it will be possible to meet a wide variety of people, express opinions, listen to concerts and work in creative workshops both in tents and on stage. The Cesis Art Festival, which will take place from 4 July to 22 August, is also an indispensable part of the summer of Cesis. The organizers of the festival have always strived to create a program of events in music, cinema, theater and visual arts that promote understanding of contemporary cultural processes in Latvia and in the world. From September 18 to September 20, the Cello Festival will be open in Cesis, where listeners will be able to discover the unique voice of the cello and its diverse sound performance by both world-renowned cellists and young musicians.

Cesis also will be hosting a number of larger events throughout the year. In the middle of May, on May 16, the third Latvian Folk Song Night will take place in the territory of Cesis History and Art Museum, when folk songs will be performed all night long. Visitors will be able to hear from traditional sounds to contemporary interpretations. In the second half of the summer, Medieval Craft Days are expected from July 25 to July 26 in the Cesis Medieval Castle Garden. Within two days, dozens of traveling craftsmen will join the Cesis Castle Craftsmen, providing the opportunity to discover and explore the ancient craft world in all its diversity and splendor. Also Legend Night will be happening in Cesis taking place on October 30, when the Cesis New Castle will invite you to experience the magic of the castle and feel its life in the 19th century music and dance.

The sporty spirit in Cesis is known for several cycling marathons and other sports competitions. On April 26 this year, Latvian State Forest MTB Marathon “Cēsis - Valmiera” will take place, but on August 9, the 6th stage of VIVUS.LV MTB Marathon will take place. On the first of August, for the seventh year, the city and its surroundings will host a forest trail race called "Cesis Eco Trail". The open air race long running distances takes place in the beautiful landscape of Cesis and in the territory of the Gauja National Park.

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