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StartseiteZiņas COVID 19 restrictions in the territory of Latvia


In order to more purposefully limit Covid-19 and fight against the threat posed by the virus to the health and life of the Latvian population, several security measures have been introduced in the territory of the country. The emergency situation in Latvia has been determined until 11 January 2020.

Tourism and travel         
An electronic confirmation must be filled in 48 hours before entering the territory of Latvia, providing information on the epidemiological condition of the traveler. It is available here When entering Latvia from severely affected countries, self-isolation must be observed - 10 days. The list of countries can be found here -

Daily life             
Throughout Latvia, everyone must follow the 2 + 2 principle in their daily lives - two meters, two people. A distance of two meters must be observed and meetings must be limited to two people. On the other hand, indoors and on public transport it is necessary to wear a face mask. It should be used in shops, museums and other public indoor spaces. A customer service specialist may not serve a visitor who does not wear a face mask or does it incorrectly - the face mask does not cover the mouth and nose.

Cafes and restaurants
It is not possible to have a present meal in cafes and restaurants. Catering companies offer the possibility to order food with you or with delivery.

Culture and events
All cultural venues, exhibitions, as well as fairs, including Christmas markets, have also been closed. There are no organized cultural events. However, museums are still available to visitors.

Shopping centers and shops
In shops and service points, an area of 15 square meters is available for one visitor. Information on the number of people allowed is clearly visible at the entrance. In small spaces, visitors can go one by one. All shops and malls operate as usual on weekdays. However, only pharmacies and veterinary pharmacies are open on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays, while only groceries, hygiene products and fuel can be purchased in shops. On Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays alcohol and cigarettes cannot be purchased.

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