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Raunas Staburags

This cliff is a unique natural object of the post-glacial period, a limestone outcrop created by springs which is the most notable limestone formation in Latvia after the inundation of Daugavas Staburags. Raunas Staburags is situated on the right bank of the slope Raunas valley, 800 m upstream from the road bridge from Rauna to Jaunrauna, at a distance of about 1.5 km from the centre of Rauna. It was formed by the precipitation and cementation of the limestone.

This limestone formation is approximately 3.5 m high and 17 m long.  It was formed and keeps forming in the secular process of calcification of moss in spring water which contains calcium carbonate. There is a 1.1m high by 1.3m deep niche in the steep slope, where the water from the springs flows in.

 The total length of the step-cliffs is 35m.

The object is easily accessible. There is a trail provided for the visitors of the natural object.

Photos from Rauna TIC  and Normunds Cercins archive

Raunas Staburags, Raunas pagasts, Raunas novads, Latvija

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