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Līču-Laņģu Sandstone Cliffs

The Līču-Laņģu sandstone cliffs is approximately one kilometre long and is located on the left side of the primeval valley of the River Gauja. It cannot be seen from the River, but is located very close to it.

Its maximum height is ~30 m. 6km long walking trail is built in the surrounding area. Around 20 springs are flowing out of Līču–Laņģu Cliffs, due to which caves of various length and hollows of various sizes have been shaped. Lielā (The Big) Laņģu Cave, which is located on the southern part of cliffs, is place where the longest (48 m) and the most powerful spring flows out.

50 m to the north of that cave is located Vidējā (Middle) Laņģu Cave (total length 30 m), while another 50 m northward — Mazā (Small) Laņģu Cave (4.2 m). In the northern side of Līču–Laņģu Cliffs, there is a larger cave formed by a spring, and after the ceiling fell down, it turned into an extraordinary ravine with 8 m high, steep walls. On the side of the ravine, there is an interesting cave with three passages. Overall there are eight large springs, nine caves and niches.

Līču-Laņģu sandstone cliff is a protected natural geological monument and is located in Gauja National Park.

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Photos from Cēsis TIC and Priekuļi TIC archive

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