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Vidzeme Concerthall "Cēsis"

The Vidzeme concert hall “Cēsis” was opened in the spring of 2014. The historical elements of the concert hall co-exist harmoniously with the contemporary ones. The architectural image of the concert hall was created by restoring the old Cēsis Community Building and adding some contemporary architectural forms to it.Open object

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Cēsis Exhibition Hall

Cēsis Exhibition Hall is unique with its architectural design of the premises. An expressive architectural style, composed of impressive woodwork rooms provide an opportunity to organize various exhibitions, and excellent acoustics allows to organize concerts of academic music.Open object

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Science, Art and Gastronomy Center “Brewery”

Cēsis Brewery that was built in 1878 is a national cultural monument, representing a unique industrial heritage of the 18th, 19th and 20th century. It will be the platform for scientists, artists, chefs and other specialists to collaborate and address environmental issues.Open object

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INSIGNIA Art Gallery

In the premises of the concert hall “Cēsis”, the Art gallery “INSIGNIA” is located, where the works of both Latvian and foreign artists are consistently exhibited. Visitors have an opportunity to purchase the exhibited works of art.Open object

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Family house of sculptors Jansons “Siļķes”

“Siļķes” – family house of sculptors Jansons for two hundred years (the surrounding history since the 14th century). The sculptures made by them can be viewed in many towns of Latvia and abroad. Open object

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Sculpture “Through the Centuries”

Matthias Janson sculpture "Through the centuries", popularly known as Old Time man) was opened in July 2005. It depicts a man with a lamp - symbol of the town of Cēsis. The sculpture is located near St.John's church, on Torņu streetOpen object

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Sculpture “Battle with Centaurus”

This sculpture is a graduation work of the outstanding Latvian sculptor Kārlis Jansons (1896-1969); in 1925 he graduated from the Academy of Fine arts.In time, this sculpture has become one of the most impressive symbols of the town.Open object

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Sculpture “Senās (Ancient) Cēsis”

The sculpture "Senās (Ancient) Cēsis" is the depiction of the town plan in bronze which is created based on the first available town plans from the Middle Ages.Open object

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Cēsu Tūrisma informācijas centrs

Baznīcas laukums 1, Cēsis

Latvija, LV-4101

Tel. +371 28318318

Monday- Sunday 10:00 - 18:00.

From May 16th, Cēsis Tourism Information center is open for consultations on-site.