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"Souvenir Cēsis"

The souvenir shop Suvenīri Cēsis is located at the heart of the Old Town of Cēsis – Rozu Square. The shop has the widest assortment of souvenirs in Cēsis – magnets, jewellery, ceramics, handicraft products, tasty souvenirs, local produce and wines. Suvenīri Cēsis also carries out wine tastings of the best Latvian wines to tourists and groups.Open object

"Svētavots" Nature Park

In "Svētavots" (Holy spring) Nature Park each visitor is welcomed as a special guest who learns the story of history and the special values of water. Everyone will be offered a unique opportunity to listen to the legend wrapped in secrets and perform an ancient ritual - to receive strength from Svētavots, which will be unforgettable memories and feelings.Open object

Activity backpacks for families

Cēsis Medieval castle offers informative and entertaining adventure for families with children – exploring castle garden, towers, and dungeons with the activity backpack. That is made especially for families with children 5 to 10 years old.Open object

Ainavu (Landscape) Scarp

This is one of the highest outcrops in Latvia. A truly beautiful view unfolds from the top of this scarp, encompassing the view of the deep old valley of the Amata river. The Ainavu Scarp reveals the huge bank of the river which is more than 500 m long and is comprised of two 46m high outcrops.Open object

Ancient Jewellery Smithy

For his research and experimentation ancient jewellery master Daumants Kalniņš shares knowledge and experience in his experimental archelogy workshop “Ancient jewellery smithy.”Open object

Araisi Archaeological Park

Araisi Archaeological Park offers the insight into the daily life ofancient people, what they ate and what they wore, as well as helps to find out why the Lake Fortress sank and how it revived. Tours and excursions provided by the Archaeological Park offer a look into everyday life and celebrations of people of different centuries.Open object

Āraiši Lutheran Church

First evidence about the establishment of the church is found in the period of 1202-1209 in the letter written by the Āraiši pastor E.J.A. Cornelia to the Rīga governmental authority.Open object

Bakery “Cēsu Maize”

A small bakery right in the middle of the old town of Cesis. They offer tasting of bread, a short story - basic principles of baking healthy bread. For groups of up to 12 people.Open object

Bulk and packaging free product store is a family shop, which is as close to the Zero Waste lifestyle as possible. It is an alternative to the usual and convenient supermarket system. The shop offers to fill up the containers taken by the Client or to buy nature-friendly packaging as well as long lasting products for everyday use. Open object

Camel Park "Rakši"

In "Rakši" you will be able to experience what is the feeling to ride a camel, touch an alpaca fur and go for a relaxing walk through the forest with a faithful companion lama.Open object

Candle manufacturer “Laureta Candles”

Visiting the candle shop will allow you to see how candles are made from various kinds of wax as well as purchase them. Already since the very beginning these candles have been 100% hand-made. Participants of the tour around the workshop will be able to make their own symbol of light.Open object

Cēsis Exhibition Hall

Cēsis Exhibition Hall is unique with its architectural design of the premises. An expressive architectural style, composed of impressive woodwork rooms provide an opportunity to organize various exhibitions, and excellent acoustics allows to organize concerts of academic music.Open object

Cēsis Medieval Castle

With the map and candlelight taken from the tourist information centre of the castle, you can view the Western Tower and dungeon, visit gardener and ancient craftsmen, and try medieval games.Open object

Cēsis New Castle

New Castle is one of the few 18th-century Castle manor houses in Latvia, built into the medieval fortification system – instead of the tower and the gate protection building. Since 1949, the Cēsis History and Art Museum has been established in the building of the New Castle.Open object

Cēsis Old Town

During the Middle Ages, around the castle and church of Cēsis, close to each other compacted on all sides, were formed narrow, winding streets with craftsmen and traders' houses. Open object

Cheese Factory in Rauna

Cheese factory in Rauna is company of Ceriņi family. For gourmets they offer 23 excellent products – cheese, butter, noodles and pastas. The ambassador of this factory is their Green Cheese, which main ingredient – fenugreek - growns in their garden. After adding fenugreek, product get its' characteristic Green Cheese taste, colour and flavour.Open object

Christ Transfiguration Orthodox Church

Christ Transfiguration Orthodox Church is located in the North-East steep slope of the Castle Park. The Latvian congregation had thought of building a church in the14th century, when in the outskirts of the Cēsis castle, built by German knights.Open object

Cīrulīši Nature Trails

The Cīrulīši Nature Trails will introduce you to the evolution of the beautiful Gauja River valley from Ice age to nowadays! The Cīrulīši nature trails at Cēsis reveal the history of the Gauja River and its surrounding nature. Open object


It is possible get acquainted here with farms specialized in different fields, which use organic farming techniques. The farms are active from year 2004.Open object


Traditional products made in Latvia and craftsman goods, such as, linen products, clothes, knits, jewelry, cosmetics, ceramics, edible goods, house wines, candles etc., as well as souvenirs common to Cēsis. Open object

Ērgļu (Eagle) Cliffs

The mighty, majestic wall that rises straight out of the river Gauja is known as the Eagle Cliffs. It is the most impressive cliff in the valley of the Gauja river with characteristic features of a monolithic sandstone surface.Open object


Learn the harrowing resistance stories of the courageous individuals at the exhibition set up in an actual Soviet prison. Open object

Explore Cēsis and Surroundings with Guide

Explore Cēsis and surroundings in guided tours! Visit Medieval castle and its' towers with candle lantern. Explore Cēsis History and Art museum and the story of Latvian flag and its cradle - Cēsis. Walk through Cēsis Old town streets - filled with legends and stories, - or visit picturesque surroundings of Cēsis! Open object

Family house of sculptors Jansons “Siļķes”

“Siļķes” – family house of sculptors Jansons for two hundred years (the surrounding history since the 14th century). The sculptures made by them can be viewed in many towns of Latvia and abroad. Open object

Family Room in the Cēsis History and Art Museum

Visiting the museum together with the family, it is possible to strengthen your knowledge and learn many new things in the family room. This is a special room where family members of different ages can relax before continuing their way.Open object

Feeling drums

Masters of the Feeling Drums Ilze and Sergejs Bušujevi help people to become friends with the drums, create their own drums, opening up for the feelings, filling them with their energy and love. By creating the drums, you can create a special connection between yourself and the drums.Open object

INSIGNIA Art Gallery

In the premises of the concert hall “Cēsis”, the Art gallery “INSIGNIA” is located, where the works of both Latvian and foreign artists are consistently exhibited. Visitors have an opportunity to purchase the exhibited works of art.Open object

Kalējala (Blacksmith’s cave) / Vaidava cave

Ancient stories tell that a blacksmith once lived in this cave. The Blacksmith’s Cave and the outcrop have been a protected geological and natural geomorphological monument since 1974, as well as a protected biotope of the European Union.Open object

Ķūķu Cliffs

Ķūķu Cliffs is the highest outcrop of the Devonian period in Latvia 43 metres high. The upper part (above the sandstones) is formed from clay layers that contain a lot of fossil remains of long dead organisms. Open object

Kvēpene Hillfort

The majority of the researchers that work with the history of certain area believes that Kvēpene hillfort is place where Satekles Castle where located, which was mentioned in the Indriķis Chronicles in the 12th century.Open object

Līču-Laņģu Sandstone Cliffs

The Līču-Laņģu sandstone cliffs is approximately one kilometre long and is located on the left side of the primeval valley of the River Gauja.Its maximum height is ~30 m. 6km long walking trail is built in the surrounding area. Around 20 springs are flowing out of Līču–Laņģu Cliffs, due to which caves of various length and hollows of various sizes have been shaped.Open object

Lielā Ellīte (Devil's Oven)

Lielā Ellīte also known as Velna ceplis (Devil’s Oven) are the only natural sandstone with arches in Latvia. It consists of a 23m long cave, arcade and natural spring. It could be formed around 6,5-7 thousand years ago. The cave and the spring were once an important holy places.Open object

Liepasmuiža / Lindenhoff

Manor for more than 340 years is made up on Linden Hill at Rauna river valley in 15 ha wide area with a beautiful natural landscape in a quiet location with an old park, 7 ponds, garden and art objects in nature.Open object

Līgatne Nature Trails

Līgatne Nature Trails of Gauja National Park were established in 1975 to acquaint the visitors with nature, wild mammal species living in Latvia, nature variety and necessity for protection. Visitors can observe elk, foxes, bears, roes, racoon dogs, lynxes, boars, squirrels, hedgehogs, as well as birds – eagle-owls and owls.Open object

Līvu Square

In the beginning of the 13th century, Līvu Square was the first marketplace in Cēsis. There was a church, cemetery and Rīgas gate in the stone wall of the city. At the end of the 13th century here was the beginning of the main street of the future city - Rīgas Street.Open object

Maija (May) park

Maija (May) park was created in the 19th century when romantic castle ruins had come into fashion in garden architecture.Since 2005 the park is a home to a couple of black swans from Lisbon.Open object

Medieval Costume Workshop

Workshop offers to get acquainted with the medieval clothing,possibility to rent costumes. Children is possibility make dolls,to participate in the dolls show-puppets tells tales. Workshop offers make candles.Open object

Medieval play area

During the summer season, visit the play area built in the garden of the Castle to give children an opportunity to acquire a variety of children’s favourite medieval games and plays that exercise their skills, strength and mind under the guidance of the Castle games master.Open object

Medieval Run

Medieval run is a set of tasks and questions connected with history, literature, art ingenuity and concentration, and answers can be found in Cēsis city streets.Open object

Memorial for the victims of Communist terror of the historic Cēsis district

The memorial plaques include information about the people of the parishes of the historic Cēsis district who paid dearly for loving and cultivating their land – with their lives. During the Soviet occupation, as much as 5000 people of the historic Cēsis district suffered various forms of oppression.Open object

Monument for students in Cēsis Regiment

The monument represents the place where the Students took the road to the front line of the famous Battles for the freedom of Latvia on 6th June 1919.Open object

Open Collection of Cēsis Museum

The Cēsis History and Art Museum is the first museum of Latvia which, functioning in conjunction with the creative industries, has created a separate educational lecture space, combined with the museum open holdings.Open object

Pils (Castle) Park

Pils (Castle) Park is the most beautiful park and a favourite resting place all year long. The locals and the guests of the town have the opportunity to see the couple of white swans and to feed the ducks.Open object

Raiskuma brewery

Raiskumietis is a brewery of benefits which is rich in traditions and in which according to the best ancestral techniques and the highest quality standards, with love, beer is being brewed, bread is baked in the wood oven and delicious local meat products are smoked. Open object

Rauna Gate

The Rauna Gate was situated at the beginning of the current Rīgas Street in the 14th to 15th centuries. Nowadays the reconstruction of the foundations and the overground fragments of the gate of the city wall create a conception of the medieval stone wall, the size of the gate and its profoundness.Open object

Raunas Staburags

This cliff is a unique natural object of the post-glacial period, a limestone outcrop created by springs which is the most notable limestone formation in Latvia after the inundation of Daugavas Staburags. It was formed by the precipitation and cementation of the limestone.Open object

Riekstu (Nut) Hill

Near the open air stage of Castle Park, the ancient settlement of Wends – Riekstu (Nut) Hill is located. There were the wooden castle and around which the town of Cēsis later developed starting from the 11th-13th century.Open object

Rožu (Rose) Square

The ancient marketplace has become the most important and active part of Cēsis' Old town. It’s also the location of the city's Christmas tree which is lit up on the first day of Advent. In summer the fountain is a place for resting with your family.Open object

Sarkanās (Red) Cliffs

The Sarkanās (Red) Cliffs are situated on the massif of the right bank of Gauja river, approximately 0.5km from the old Lieplejas, or Raiskuma inn up to the Gauja river. The cliffs stretch for several hundred metres and have a reddish colour which led to naming them “Red” Cliffs.Open object

Science, Art and Gastronomy Center “Brewery”

Cēsis Brewery that was built in 1878 is a national cultural monument, representing a unique industrial heritage of the 18th, 19th and 20th century. It will be the platform for scientists, artists, chefs and other specialists to collaborate and address environmental issues.Open object

Sculpture “Battle with Centaurus”

This sculpture is a graduation work of the outstanding Latvian sculptor Kārlis Jansons (1896-1969); in 1925 he graduated from the Academy of Fine arts.In time, this sculpture has become one of the most impressive symbols of the town.Open object

Sculpture “Senās (Ancient) Cēsis”

The sculpture "Senās (Ancient) Cēsis" is the depiction of the town plan in bronze which is created based on the first available town plans from the Middle Ages.Open object

Sculpture “Through the Centuries”

Matthias Janson sculpture "Through the centuries", popularly known as Old Time man) was opened in July 2005. It depicts a man with a lamp - symbol of the town of Cēsis. The sculpture is located near St.John's church, on Torņu streetOpen object

Shoe and leather accessories ateleir "JUNE9"

Here, where once there were the dormitories of a vocational school, now is a family-owned company that is engaged in the production of leather footwear and accessories. We prefer a sustainable product. To be shoes, bags or accessories, a careful work of several hours is applied to each.Open object

Shop "Pie Karlīnes"

Shop "Pie Karlīnes" is located in the old town of Cēsis, in the premises of former hotel "Baltischer Hof". The store name is given to honor the hotel's caressing owner Karlīne. Open object

Shop - bakery “Milti un zīle rokā”

Latvian organic grain products, seeds, natural sourdough starter and more.Open object

Shop - studio "Sa.adi"

Sa.adi is a family-owned workshop and store. Our slogan is "Individual approach to each customer". We offer a wide range of knitted articles for children and adults. Every item is produced on the spot, in a homely workshop. Open object


SIA LATVIJAS ĶIPLOKS is producing a variety of products from garlic grown in Latvia. The product range is wide enough; you will find excellent spices, health-enhancing teas, interesting sweets and drinksOpen object

Skangaļi Manor

The ancient country manor, toned down from the daily rush, is located between two towns – Cēsis and Valmiera. Currently a guest house has been established in the restored manor complex.Open object

Spoon factory

You can see in Līgatne Spoon factory how pretty and practical things needed in every kitchen are created from a simple piece of wood.Open object

St. John’s Church

St. John’s Church is the second most notable architectural feature in Cēsis (along with the Cēsis castle complex), one of the oldest medieval monuments and one of the oldest cult buildings in the country. The church was built at the beginning of the 13th century as Christianity advanced into the Baltic.Open object

Studio "Tili"

Tili studio is a children’s clothing brand as well as an open studio located in the Old Town of Cēsis, which produces clothing and accessories for children between the ages of 1–12. The brand is active in the demi-couture segment and each collection is created by using high-quality materials from the best manufacturers in Europe. Open object

The Āraiši windmill

The windmill of Āraiši was built as the Drabeši estate mill in the middle of the 19th century. During the reconstruction in the wall of the windmill a stone with an inscription ANNO 1852 was found.Open object

The art shop "MOTTAND"

MOTTAND offers the service of transferring drawings or photos chosen by the customer onto various articles like clothing, mugs or tableware, which can then be used as personalised gifts for loved ones. The shop offers knitted articles, painted silk, handicraft jewellery made from various materials, linen gift bags and paintings made by artists from Cēsis.Open object

The Global Center for Latvian Art

Unique art exhibitions can be seen in two exhibition halls. The Global Center for Latvian Art collects and exhibits works of art created by Latvians who lived abroad as a result of the Second World War and of the new generation living abroad.Open object

The House of Bread "Krūmiņi"

Maizes māja (Bakery) is the place to participate in real procedures of baking the farmhouse bread, to make dough and bake pies, to study the grain, grain products, Latvian strength marks and explore the bread-related traditions. Open object

The Līgatne Ferry

The ferry across the Gauja river in Līgatne is the only ferry of such type in the Baltic region. The ferry consists of two joined boats, covered by a deck of boards. The cable across the river does not let the stream carry the ferryboat down the river, while the power of the stream propels it from one coast to the other.Open object

The Līgatne Winery

Līgatne winery is a family enterprise making wine since 2010. The winery produces approximately 30 various wines from Latvia’s fruits and berries picked in the territory of Gauja National park. The offer includes raspberry dessert wine, blackcurrant semi-dry, cloudberry semi-sweet wine and others.Open object

The Memorial Museum of Eduards Veidenbaums “Kalāči”

A famous Latvian poet grew up here, studied and worked from the age of five. As a museum, “Kalāči” has existed since 1958.Open object

The Ruins of Rauna Castle

After the first order of the Archbishop of Rīga, the construction works of Raunas Castle began in 1262, and it was one of the major archbishop residences. At the beginning of the 16th century, the castle was greatly expanded.Open object

Theatrical programmes in Cēsis Medieval Castle

We offer you the chance to experience the Middle Ages with various power and dexterity games, travel in time and take part in a medieval feast at Cēsis Castle together with the governor of the castle – Brother Dietrich. hear the stories and prepare for the battle in Cēsis Castle! Open object

Ungurmuiža Manor

Ungurmuiža manor house ensemble with the Baroque style manor house is the only architectural monument of the 18th century wooden baroque buildings preserved in Latvia.Open object

Vējiņi Underground Lakes

Vējiņi underground lakes are the only underground lakes in Latvia. That place surprise with beautiful caves and icy water! Underground springs on the banks of the beautiful Brasla River have carved large cavities and caves. Open object

Veselava Manor

The Manor was built in the 19 century and it has remained almost in its entirety. Manor house reminds the letter U and is located on the plot which is surrounded by a ditch from all sides, so imitating the medieval fortified castles.Open object

Vidzeme Concerthall "Cēsis"

The Vidzeme concert hall “Cēsis” was opened in the spring of 2014. The historical elements of the concert hall co-exist harmoniously with the contemporary ones. The architectural image of the concert hall was created by restoring the old Cēsis Community Building and adding some contemporary architectural forms to it.Open object

Vienības (Unity) Square

Vienības (Unity) Square is the newest square in Cēsis, which because of its spaciousness and many surrounding streets has become a significant part of the city.Open object

Weavers’ workhop „Veverisas”

In the weaving workshop "Vēverīšas", the textile artist Dagnija Kupče works. Together with other textile artists, she takes care of the intangible cultural heritage – the authentic Latvian national costumes.Open object


Science & curiosity centers ZINOO in Riga and Cesis are welcoming families & tourists with kids.  Guides will be happy to assist you in English!Open object

Zvārtes Rock

This is one of the most picturesque and the most popular outcrops of red sandstone of the Devonian period, which is situated on both banks of the Amata river and is surrounded by woods and meadows.Open object

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