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Public transport to and from Cēsis

Cēsis is situated in the northern part of the Vidzeme Heights, in the Gauja National Park. Therefore it is surrounded by woods and amazing natural scenery. The River Gauja with its rocky banks passes by Cēsis and the town is close to lowlands that are rich in lakes. It is only 90 km from Rīga – it takes less than two hours to go there by car. There are also railway connections between Cēsis, Rīga and Valga (Estonia). The town has a developed bus transport system. There is a daily local bus service not only within the borders of the town, but it also connects the nearest rural territories. High frequency of inter-town bus service allows to feel freer when organizing town visits.


Rīga International Airport is located 105 km from Cēsis.

There is no direct transport route from the airport “Rīga” to Cēsis, but it is possible to use taxi services, car rentals or public transport. Bus No.22 has direct services between the airport and Rīga city centre. For getting from Rīga city centre to Cēsis you can use the bus or train transport services.

  • The bus schedule for bus No. 22 going from Rīga International Airport to Rīga International Bus station, see HERE
  • The bus schedule for bus No. 22 going from Rīga Central Station to Rīga International Airport, see HERE


The train to Cēsis plies the route Rīga – Cēsis – Valga (EST).
From Cēsis by train, without changing you can reach the nearest towns: Valmiera, Sigulda, Līgatne, and Valka / Valga (EST).

  • The train schedule from Rīga to Cēsis,  see HERE
  • The train schedule from Valmiera to Cēsis,  see HERE
  • The train schedule from Valga (EST) to Cēsis,  see HERE
  • The train schedule from Cēsis to Rīga,  see HERE
  • The train schedule from Cēsis to Valmiera,  see HERE
  • The train schedule from Cēsis to Valga,  see HERE

Town bus service

Town buses on various routes goes every hour, ticket price EUR 0.70
By the town route buses you can reach Cīrulīši, Gaujaskalns, Kalnmuiža, Priekuļi, as well as Cēsis clinic.

  • The public transport stops in the centre of the town, see HERE
  • Detailed town buses traffic pattern, see HERE

Intercity buses

CATA Bus Park makes Cēsis accessable from Rīga and other cities in Latvia.

  • Travel time on the route Rīga – Cēsis: about 1h 50 min. Scheduling HERE
  • Travel time on the route Valmiera – Cēsis about 40 min. Scheduling HERE
  • Travel time on the route Sigulda (stops next to the “Raibais suns”) – Cēsis: about 40 min. Scheduling HERE

Transport traffic pattern from Cēsis to other cities see HERE

By car

Rīga – Cēsis, A2 highway, the distance 88 km, travel time 1h 20min.
Valmiera – Cēsis, P20 or A3 highway, the distance 40 km, travel time 30 min.
Limbaži – Cēsis, highway P14, the distance 45 km, travel time 40min.
Tallinn (EST) – Cēsis, highway E67- P11 – P14, distance 295 km, travel time 3 hours 45 minutes.

Car rent

“MG auto”, Priekuļu iela 7, Cēsis,
Phone: +371 26563392, +371 26324548 (also busses with 9 seats)

Car rent, Lenču iela 4-8, Cēsis,
Phone: +371 26161432

“Eija Auto”, Blaumaņa bulvāris 16, Cēsis,
Phone: +371 28670820

Bicycle rent

Bicycle rental places and cycling route maps see HERE


Taxi services in Cēsis

Location: Stacijas laukums 1, Cēsis
Phone: +371 80004000

Parking lots

On the map you can see parking areas where it is possible to leave the car while visiting Cēsis.


Cesis Tourism Information Center

Address: Baznīcas laukums 1, Cēsis

Latvija, LV-4101

Tel. +371 28318318

Working hours:

Monday - Saturday 10.00-17.00

Sunday 10.00-15.00