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Mystery of Hanseatic gastronomy “Park on Palate” in photos

As a part of Cēsis City celebration, May park turned into mystery of Hanseatic gastronomy “Park on Palate”, where musicians and restaurants from Hanseatic cities together with their chefs brought people to the adventure of taste.

The main task of the Hanseatic League since the 13th century, which Cēsis was also a member of, was to promote the development of trade. It contributed traveling as well as possibility to receive exotic goods, products and spices. Together with travelers from different countries and cities, their eating culture and traditions came along. The organizers of this event points out that “Times have changed, our taste sensations have changed. Therefore the chefs is trying to show how the Hanseatic traditions, themes, recipes, cooking techniques, spices and products can be integrated into contemporary, high quality and attractive gastronomic offerings during the event."

Photo: Jānis Vīksna

About the project:

Hanseatic Approach to New Sustainable Alliances (HANSA) is a Swedish-Estonian-Latvian cooperation project with 11 project partners, mostly Hanseatic cities: Inspiration Gotland (Lead Partner, Sweden), Region Gotland (Sweden), Pärnu City Government (Estonia), Viljandi Town Government (Estonia), Cesis Culture and Tourism Center (Latvia), Koknese Local Municipality (Latvia), Limbazi Municipality (Latvia), Pargauja Municipality (Latvia), Valmiera City Council (Latvia), Kuldiga Municipality (Latvia) and Vidzeme Planning Region (Latvia).

The main aim of HANSA is to enhance the values of the historical Hanseatic League, which still can be found among the member cities. Furthermore, partner organizations closely collaborate to create and develop new tourism products to support the efforts to make the Hansa a leading brand of the Baltic Sea Region and an active Cultural Route of the Council of Europe.


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