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Menu of the Cēsis Restaurant week 2020

At the end of October, starting from October 31 to November 8, Cēsis Autumn Restaurant week will take place in Cēsis for the third year in a row. Cēsis and city guests will have a great opportunity to enjoy exquisite dishes at especially friendly prices. Gourmets will be invited to have a meal by popular restaurants in Cesis and the surrounding area.

Each of them will have one special offer worth 20.00 EUR or 25.00 EUR. Special menus will be different from the daily dishes and will give a unique taste and enjoyment, highlighting the rich autumn taste provided by quality and delicious seasonal products.

What does autumn tastes like? And what does it smell like? It smells like a sweet aroma of apples and cranberries in the air, which mixes with the colorful scent of autumn leaves and earth. The rich autumn harvest provides great opportunities for delicious and charming dishes. Enjoy the smoky rich taste of autumn in the Cēsis Restaurant week.

Please make a table reservation in advance before going to the chosen restaurant. The restaurants will operate in accordance with the current regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers, observing all precautionary measures.


Restaurant "Kārļamuiža"
Price of the offer - 20 eur

Sun on the plate
Yellow carrots, buckwheat popcorn, house-made bread

Main course
Colour palette of Amata
Trout fillet from Kārļi fish farm, mashed potatoes with hemp dressing, broth sauce with lemongrass, fermented beets
Butternut squash stew with caramelized onions, chickpeas and beetroot salad

Gold of Kārļi apple orchard
Apples, quinces, white chocolate, sea buckthorn

Adress: “Kārļi”, Amatas novads
Reservations - +37126165298

Working hours
Mo.-Fr. 15.00-21.00
Sa.-Su. 13.00-22.00

Restaurant “Jāņoga”
Price of the offer - 25 eur

Leek on coals
Blue cheese sauce, truffles, chestnuts
Venison soup
Jerusalem artichoke, puff pastry chips, hazelnut oil, trumpet mushrooms

Main course
Stewed beef cheeks
Runner beans, parsnips, beet glaze sauce, sourdoughbread mayonnaise
Steamed pikeperch fillet
Kale cabbage, pickled potatoes, mushroom broth, sugar peas, lemon cream
Risotto with Pecarino cheese
Pickled autumn vegetables, rowan jam

Pumpkin, bog cranberries, honey

Adress: Valmieras iela 21a, Cēsis
Reservations - +37128309298

Working hours:
Mo.  closed
Tu.-Th. 16.00-20.00
Fr. 16.00-22.00
Sa. 12.00-22.00
Su. 16.00-20.00

Restaurant "Jonathan SPA Estate"
Price of the offer - 25 eur

Cauliflower and Jerusalem artichoke cream soup with mascarpone cheese and sweet potato chips

Main course
Honey-glazed corn chicken fillet with fried root vegetables and pepper sauce

Sea buckthorn panna-cotta with caramelized oat chips

Adress: Jonathan SPA Hotel
"Ezerputni",  Amatciems
Reservations - +37125606066

Working hours:
Mo.- Su. 14:00-22:00

Restaurant “Ungurmuiža”
Price of the offer - 20 eur

Chanterelle cream soup with turned parsnip chips, sesame oil and micro-greens from “Ņiprie Zaļumi”

Main course
Duck confit with zucchini-carrot noodles, homemade apple-cinnamon jam and grilled garlic
Bulgur with seasonal vegetables fried in country butter, pumpkin seeds

Goats Cheese Cheesecake with lingonberry-sea buckthorn jam

Adress: “Ungurmuiža”, Raiskuma pagasts, Pārgaujas novads
Tālrunis rezervācijām – +37122007332

Working hours:
Mo.,Tu. – closed
We.-Su. 12.00-20.00

Restaurant “Villa Santa”
Price of the offer - 25 eur

Chef's compliment
Sun - dried tomato with trout fillet and lemon pesto

Mango, shrimp tartare with avocado salsa, homemade bread crisps and seaweed salad

Main course
Lamb terrines breaded in golden spices, with sugar pea puree
“Fish of the day” with Parma cheese and herb crust, potato and spinach casserole and lobster cream sauce
Ravioli with pumpkin, caramelized beets, basil pesto sauce and fresh goat cheese

Crispy filo dough with apple and black plum jam, vanilla cream and salted caramel

Adress: Gaujas iela 88, Cēsis
Reservations – +37164177177

Working hours:
Mo. closed
Tu.-Th.* 17.00-21.00
Fr.-Sa. 13.00-22.00
Su.* 13.00-19.00
* Open for guests with prior reservations only.

Restaurant "H.E. Vanadziņš. Ziemeļu restorāns"
Price of the offer - 25 eiro

Venison pie
Pickled autumn apples, cranberry sauce, candied quinces, spinach tuile

Main course
Thinly cut deer meat roast
Celery-quince puree, pumpkin stewed in venison broth, peppered pumpkin seed crumbs, Crispy kale cabbage
Catfish fillet fried in truffle oil
Caramelized Jerusalem artichoke, yellow beets. white radish, chili chips, mustard sauce, red beet sprouts
Turkey ballotine
Fried bacon, pistachios, butter pumpkin puree, sugar peas fried in cardamom butter, smoked carrot

Baked apples
Elderberry sorbert, roasted oat flakes, salted caramel, hazelnut cream

Adress: Rīgas iela 15, Cēsis
Reservations – +37124771771

Working hours:
Fr. 17:00- 21:00
Sa. 12:00 – 22:00
Su. 12:00 – 21:00

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