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Major events in 2018

The Cēsis Culture and Tourism Center offers the brightest events of 2018. During visit of Cēsis and the surrounding area, you can enrich your journey with a variety of cultur and sports events.
Festival “Pēteris Vasks’ Music Circle”07.04., 13.04., 28.04.Concert Hall “Cēsis”The resident ensemble “Trio Palladio” of the Concert Hall “Cēsis” - the outstanding Latvian musicians, winners of the Grand Music Award Eva Bindere, Kristīne Baumane, and Reinis Zariņš have prepared a special program for the new Pēteris Vasks’ festival at Concert Hall “Cēsis”. Two big pieces will be performed: one composed by Pēteris Vasks, the other – Piano Trio by the Estonian composer Erkki-Sven Tüür, similar to the feelings and moods. At the festival, one of the pages of the creative life of Pēteris Vasks will be highlighted - namely, the choir music. The program reflects both the composer’s written sacred music and the vocal works with a national and patriotic importance. Two values, which are very important for Pēteris Vasks - the spiritual world and the native land, nation. At the closing concert of the Pēteris Vasks’ festival, it will be possible to hear the composer’s violin concert performed by Hugo Ticciati, a British-born violinist, living in Sweden and Symphony for String Orchestra performed by Sinfonietta Rīga. It will be conducted by Juha Kangas.


SEB MTB “Cēsis – Valmiera”22.04.Cēsu streetThe beginnings of SEB MTB race series date back to 1997. Currently, it is one of the largest MTB Marathon series in Europe, since at each stage 1800 - 2300 local athletes and participants from abroad, as well as a large number of fans are gathering. The race takes place in 7 stages, from the end of April until the beginning of October in different cities of Latvia. Cēsis is the opening stage of the marathon, which also marks the start of the season for cycling. The 42 km long route winds along the picturesque river Gauja up to Valmiera.


Latvian boys’ choirs’ gathering31.05. – 01.06.Cēsis Castle Park Traditionally, the boys’ choirs’ gathering takes place in Cesis every five years and it brings together over 2000 members of the boys’ choirs from comprehensive schools and music schools. The great get-together lasts for two days, during which various musical events, as well as sporting activities, are implemented. The event culminates in the closing concert on the open-air stage of the Cēsis Castle Park with the mighty ruins of the medieval castle in the background with the participation of visiting artists.


The 4th jubilee concert "Spanish Opera Gala" of Vidzeme Concert Hall “Cēsis”26.05.Concert Hall “Cēsis”Traditionally, the season’s closing and the birthday of the concert hall is marked with opera music. This year, the magnificent concert will be held in the moods of Spain. Let’s enjoy the performance of the greatest Latvian baritone Egils Siliņš whose temperament and stage charisma are especially suitable for opera arias based on the Spanish rhythms. The evening's special guest will be the French opera singer, the lyric soprano Solena Mengene who is glorified both due to her lustrous singing and the great showmanship. In the course of the concert, the vocal performances will be enriched by the solo of the flamenco guitar and the sounds of the Liepāja Symphony Orchestra  conducted by Mārtiņš Ozoliņš.


Medieval Days03.06.


Medieval Castle and Garden  The Medieval Days of the Cēsis castle are the richest event in the traditions and innovations of the living history in Latvia which offers the opportunity to travel in time and discover how life has been amazing in the Middle Ages.  During the Medieval Days of the Cēsis castle, the centuries-old history can not  only be viewed with your own eyes but can also be touched, smelled, and tasted. Each year, people of the Cēsis castle invite you to explore new aspects of the ancient centuries. This year, when the Cēsis castle is home to previously inexperienced unbridled activities and its walls are surrounded by scaffolds, the Medieval Days will let you know how castles and fortresses have been built since around 500 years ago.


100 dances in leather shoes Pastalas for Latvia20.06.Concert Hall “Cēsis”The Latvian folk dance marathon, to which everyone is invited to dance along to the melodies played by chapel musicians. The dance steps will be taught by professional dance teachers and guests of the event will have the opportunity to dance for as long as they want.


Reconstruction of the Battle of Cēsis22.06.Cēsis Castle Park, Pirtsupītes RavineThe victory of the Battle of Cēsis in 1919 was the first success of the military forces of  independent Latvia under the red-and-white flag which instigated the later victory over the Bermont troops, followed by the liberation of Latgale from Russians. Celebrating the 99th anniversary of the Battle of Cēsis and commemorating this brilliant time of heroism and daring in our nation's history, on June 22, a reconstruction of the almost 100 years old Battle of Cēsis will take place. During this time, you will have the opportunity to get acquainted with both the current army equipment and clothing, as well as the motorized vehicles.


Conversation Festival LAMPA29.06. - 30.06.Cēsis Castle Park It is an inspiring and exciting outdoor activity for everyone who wants to learn and talk about essential issues of Latvia, Europe, and the world. They are two full days of enthusiasm that sharpen the mind, broaden horizons, and challenge your apprehension. During the event, both in tents and on the stage it is possible to meet a wide range of people, to express your views, listen to concerts, and work in creative workshops. The visitors are offered over 150 activities. It also focuses on activities for families with children.


Cēsis Arts Festival 201813.07. - 13.08.Cēsis The organizers of the festival, which will take place in 2018 for the twelfth time and is already internationally recognized, have always tried to create such a program of music, film, theater, and visual arts events which promotes understanding of the contemporary cultural processes of the world. The festival is unique directly with its experimental nature and the desire to offer creative expressions of outstanding, as well as recognized artists for a wide audience. It is a month-long arts festival, which with performances, concerts, cinema, and exhibitions delights not only the Latvian citizens but due to its reputation brings together the participants and visitors from all over the world.


Festival “Cēsis 812. Let’s celebrate with our friends!”20.07.- 22.07.Cēsis This year, the city will mark its 812th anniversary together with its close and distant friends. On Friday and Saturday, in the streets, parks, and squares of the old city music will sound, dance steps will rumble, the sale will take place resulting in enjoyment of flavors. Sunday will be spent attending sporting events.


FONO CĒSIS20.07. – 21.07.Cēsis Castle Park In Latvia, it's the only free rock music festival lasting for two days, which already the fifth time will traditionally take place within the Cēsis City Celebration. Having attracted several tens of thousands of visitors to the open-air stage of the Castle Park, it has become one of the most significant rock events in the region. During the two-day event, both home-famous musicians and special guests from abroad are on the stage.


Historic Hanseatic Market21.07.Cēsis Medieval Castle GardenThe Medieval Hanseatic Market will allow you to enter the Middle Ages when the visitor will be able to meet the medieval people from near and far countries, to participate and explore the traditions of that time, watch medieval demonstrations, enjoy medieval food and entertainment opportunities. Also, it will be possible to purchase craftsmanship and home-made items in the Hanseatic market.


Cēsis Sports Festival22.07.Cēsis CityThe third day of the Cēsis City Celebration is known as the recreational and sports day when, after the active two-day program at the cultural, artistic, and gastronomic areas, the city guests and the inhabitants of Cēsis enjoy sports events in the role of supporters or participants. The festive program traditionally includes the motocross race “Zelta Mopēds” (Golden Moped), the festival “Ghetto Games”, the Floorball Club “Lekring” Cup in Street Floorball, and various activities of the Cēsis Sports Club.


Cēsis Eco Trail04.08.Cēsis The forest trail run “Cēsis Eco Trail” has already been taking place for several years in the city. The run takes place along the long-running distances in the open air and in a scenically beautiful environment in Cēsis and the Gauja National Park. Different length distances will be offered to running and the Nordic walking lovers, starting with 650 m for children in the Cēsis Old Town and 2,5 km, 6 km, 12 km, 23 km, and 42 km distances for both women and men.


VIVUS MTB Marathon05.08.CēsisThe race is exciting and distinctive with interesting tracks that provide surprises to athletes and pleasant moments for cycling enthusiasts. The sparsely inhabited city’s parts of the track will be replaced by breathtaking views of nature. One of the closing stages of the marathon will take place in Cēsis. These are really cyclists' holidays as there is also thought about various recreational opportunities for supporters.


Medieval Days25.08.Cēsis Medieval CastleThe Medieval Days of the Cēsis castle are the richest in the traditions and innovation event of the living history in Latvia, which offers the opportunity to travel in time and discover how life has been amazing in the Middle Ages. During the Medieval Days of the Cēsis castle, the centuries-old history can not  only be viewed with your own eyes but can also be touched, smelled, and tasted. Each year, people of the Cēsis castle invite to explore new aspects of the ancient times. This year, when the Cēsis castle is home to previously inexperienced unbridled activities and its walls are surrounded by scaffolds, the Medieval Days will let you know how castles and fortresses have been built since around 500 years ago.


Festival “Cello Cēsis”14.09. – 16.09.Concert Hall “Cēsis”The Concert Hall “Cēsis” organizes the International Cello Music Festival, which takes place every year in September. “Cello Cēsis” is the first cello festival in the Baltics and the Nordic Region and aims at exposing the audience to the unique voice of the cello and the different sounds in the performance of both the world-famous cellists and young musicians. The program of each festival is prepared especially for this event to introduce the audience to the brightest pieces written for this instrument - from the Baroque to the present days, from the world music masterpieces to the works of Latvian, Baltic, and Nordic composers.


Ten hands and one piano/Brazil piano  orchestra13.10.Concert Hall “Cēsis”The concert will be a unique project that reveals an unusual way to play such a popular instrument - the piano. The musical band Brazil Piano Orchestra - four pianists with the classical education and one percussionist offer an intriguing and rich with show elements musical experiment with ten hands and one piano.  They perform classical and contemporary Brazilian music by playing both on the piano keys, beating the rhythm on the piano, and placing different items on the strings. During the performance, a number of cameras are placed inside and above the piano projects this onto the screen in real time and allows the audience to watch every musicians’ movement.


Legend Night 2018




27.10.Cēsis New CastleAlready for the fifth time in the Latvian municipalities, castles and manors invite guests to enjoy a special atmosphere and exciting activities on the traditional Legend Night organized by the Association of the Latvian Castles, Palaces, and Manors. Within the event, the enthusiasts have a great opportunity to get to know the manors in a special mood when stories of history in an exciting way intertwine with the contemporary life and activities. During this evening, the Cēsis New Castle invites you to experience the magic of the castle and to enter the life of the inhabitants of the castle, enjoying the music and dance of the 19th century, and participating in various creative activities.


European Jazz Radio Orchestra concert10.11.Concert Hall “Cēsis”Each year, producers of the jazz music with the assistance of the European Broadcasting Union (Euroradio) create the European Big Band called the Euroradio Jazz Orchestra. It is a unique international project, which brings together 19 musicians from 19 European countries in one orchestra. This year's orchestral program is devoted to the centenary of the Baltic States and includes jazz melodies of composers from Latvian, Lithuanian, and Estonia. The conductors of the concert: Kirke Karja (Estonia), Kārlis Vanags (Latvia), Dainius Pulauskas (Lithuania).


Exhibition “First Year”9.11. – 2020Cēsis New CastleThe exhibition is devoted to the 100th anniversary of the Republic of Latvia. The visitors will discover the stories of people and the city of Cēsis, which took place in Latvia's first year of independence. What was the daily routine of the inhabitants of Cēsis like and how did the city’s inhabitants live after the restoration of independence? You will be able to find it out yourselves by visiting the exhibition.


Lāčplēsis Day in Cēsis11.11.Cēsis Castle Park In the year of the 100th anniversary of Latvia, Lāčplēsis Day in Cesis will be the most ambitious. In addition to the usual events - the festive greeting at the Monument to the Students’ Company (Skolnieku rotas piemineklis), the torch procession, the devotional at the Lejas Cemetery, and the multimedia performance at the Cēsis Castle Park with projections and the medieval walls. The festival “Lap of Honor of Latvia” (Latvijas Goda Aplis) will also be held there. The festival is an invitation to celebrate the centenary of the Republic of Latvia within a period of a year every weekend in a different municipality. In Cēsis, it will be the weekend of Lāčplēsis Day when a special light, landscaping or multimedia light effect performances will be included in the program of the celebration, which will allow Latvia to glow all year round until the centenary of the State on November 18, 2018, and the next light festival Staro Rīga 2018.


Latvia 100. Events in Cēsis18.11.CēsisCelebrating Latvia's centenary, the festivities will also take place in the homeland of the flag of Latvia – in Cēsis. The inhabitants of Cēsis and guests of the city will be invited to take part in the birthday party of the State. As usual, celebratory events will be free, when everyone will be able to enjoy the festive concert with groups of amateur artists and well-known artists.
Outdoor activities are also scheduled with a warm-up singing and various creative activities.
Kremerata Baltica weekendJuneConcert Hall “Cēsis”Every summer, the concerts of the Chamber Orchestra Kremerata Baltica in Cēsis always guarantee the highest professional performance and open up new, yet unheard pages of music to the audience. The special feel of these music programs is ensured by the opportunity to hear our era's greatest violinist Gidon Kremer. In the center of this year's weekend program of Kremerata Baltica will be Hungary and its musical legacy. The idea of Gidon Kremer is to reveal the creative works of the brilliant Hungarian composer of the 20th century - Bela Bartok and his compatriot Franz Liszt, the brilliant romanticist of the 19th century.




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