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This year’s Cēsis Art Festival is running from 22 July through 26 August 2018. The key event of the programme will be the 36-hour live sound installation Unexpected Sourcesby the TĪRKULTŪRA show of Klasika Latvian Radio 3 station featuring performances by the intellectual American retrofuturist John Maus, the unpigeonholeable redefiners Visible Cloaks, an Internet dream by the synth pop sound artist Motion Graphics and live appearances by the fascinating Italian percussionist Andrea Belfi and other internationally acclaimed artists, and taking place on 27‒29 July 2018 at a completely new venue. A reunion with the video art icon of our age that is James Benning is expected, as are performances of some of the most significant Latvian theatre productions of the season. Alongside all that, the programme includes a selection of classic values ‒ the Grand Gala on the Cēsis Castle Park open-air stage, starring the internationally acclaimed Latvian opera diva Marina Rebeka and the conductorKarel Mark Chichon.

More information available on  https://www.cesufestivals.lv/en/ 



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