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The Global Center for Latvian Art

The Global Center for Latvian Art (PLMC) was created to promote, preserve and exhibit the work of artists who were exiled from Latvia in the wake of the Second World War, as well as other artists of Latvian descent who work primarily outside of Latvia.



Cēsis Art festival

A rich program featuring a diverse range of art forms included classical music concerts, visual art exhibitions, opera and drama performances which reflected on the most significant events in each genre over the past year.



Art Space “Mala”

Art Space "Mala" works as an art gallery, Latvian design shop, cafe, book-reading place and platform for cultural events.



Rucka Artist Residency

Owners aim was to create a place where they would like to work and where others would like to come and work on their projects.




Science, Art and Gastronomy Centre“Brūzis”

Cēsis Brewery that was built in 1878 is a national cultural monument, representing a unique industrial heritage of the 18th, 19th and 20th century.

Currently, it is owned by the Institute for Environmental Solutions (IES). IES’s plan for the brewery complex is to develop Science, Art and Gastronomy Centre. It will be the platform for scientists, artists, chefs and other specialists to collaborate and address environmental issues.

Open events provided by the Brewery complex: JCE biennale exhibition; RTU International summer school of architects; Pop-up eatery “Brūzis Reconstruction Site”; European Researchers’ Night 2016; annual Cēsis Art Festival, Gastronomic performances etc.





Ungurmuiža manor house ensemble with the Baroque style manor house is the only architectural monument of the 18th century wooden baroque buildings preserved in Latvia. The unique Latvian baroque style wooden building with its one-off wall-paintings heartily welcomes visitors.

The special atmosphere of the Ungurmuiža will affect everyone – art and nature lovers, historians… This is a place for romantic walks, celebrations, or family leisure activities; this is the place where old oaks and lindens tell stories about the centuries long relationships between nature and human beings and give blessing to next generations.

Concerts in summers that gather hundreds of viewers who enjoy classical music in the open air at the atmosphere of the park had become a tradition. In the wintertime, in evenings, visitors are welcome to spend time at the traditional small music venues of Ungurmuiža; besides it is possible to see the Latvian artists’ works at the exhibition hall.




Cēsis Tourism information center

Pils laukums 9, Cēsis

Latvia, LV-4101

Tel. +371 64121815, +371 28318318


From 1st of May till 30th of September

Monday - Sunday

10:00 - 18:00