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Cēsis Tourism Information Center has a new location

At the start of an active tourism season, the Cēsis Tourism Information Center will be moving to new premises. Starting from May 2018 center will be located in new address at the Baznīcas laukums 1 next to Cēsis Sv. John's Church. Previously, the Tourism Information Center was located in the Cēsis New Castle on address Pils laukums 9.

In the new tourism information center, everyone will be able to receive the most up-to-date tourism information of Cēsis and to get acquainted with tourism offers in the city and tourism materials of Latvia and Vidzeme, as well as receive consultations on tourism issues of interest. In the new premises, tourists will be able to relax from their trip and drink some coffee and charge their smartphone, as well as to buy souvenirs, send postcards and book accommodation or airline tickets.

At the same time, at Cesis New Castle complex will be located a tourism information point where the staff as before will provide the necessary answers to tourism questions, but more detailed consultations on specific tourist offers, accommodation and airline ticket reservations and information on tourism point of interests will be available at Cēsis Tourism Information Center at Baznīcas laukums 1.

By allocating the Cēsis Tourism Information Center from the Visitor Center of the Cēsis Castle Complex, visitors of city get even more opportunities to receive up-to-date tourism information. The city has created four places where travellers can get answers to tourism questions. The Latvian Post Office at Cēsis Railway Station, the Cēsis Castle Complex and the Central Library of Cēsis operates as tourism information points where the staff is trained to provide the main tourism information, while the newly created Cēsis Tourism Information Center will provide more detailed and complete information on tourism matters.

During the summer season Cēsis Tourism Information Center will work seven days a week from 10:00 until 18:00.

Tourismuszentrum der Stadt Cēsis

Baznīcas laukums 1, Cēsis

Latvia, LV-4101

Tel. +371 28318318


Montag - Sonntag 10:00:00 - 18:00

Von 16. May ist Tourismusinformationszentrum Cēsis für Konsultationen vor Ort geöffnet.